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Life Jacket Facts

Whether you’re into fishing, an energetic water sports competitor, or certainly think it’d be nice to take a boat out for your next vacation, you’ll need to ensure you invest inside the best, and most appropriate, life jacket.

Also called Personal Flotation Devices (PFDs) or life vests, a life jacket is an vital object for everybody taking to the water.

In 2012, 70% of cruising fatalities were due to drowning: 85% of those who misplaced their lives weren’t carrying any shape of existence vest. Overall, 90% of deaths by way of drowning rise on inland waters, and the majority of folks who drown knew a way to swim.

It doesn’t depend how well you think you may swim, or how calm the water is – you want to make sure you’ve got an existence vest to be had. And which you are wearing it.

Best pro life jacket

The United States Coast Guard requires each boat to have one wearable existence jacket per person onboard available at all times. It isn’t always mandatory for adults to be wearing their life jacket vests, despite the fact that they’re not an awful lot use sitting in the back of the boat while you’re in the water!

Children under the age of 13 on a transferring vessel are required to put on a suitable life jacket vest in any respect times.

If you’re worried in water sports, most states require that life jacket jackets are worn whenever you’re in the water.

Get the Right Kit

 Pro Life Jacket

Nylon existence vests are the most encouraged for water sports, because of the greater freedom of motion, they permit in comparison to different materials. They’re also cheap and light.

On open water, or in less warm climates, neoprene life vests are exceptional, as they offer extra warmth in the water, more buoyancy, and some stretch. If you’re fishing, or want to make certain you have vital supplies close at hand, it’s far worth investing in an existing jacket with zippered pockets. The pockets also offer an opportunity to heat your hands, that’s an introduced bonus.

 Pro Life Jacket

Get the Right Fit

A life jacket must healthy snugly, however comfortably, and allow you to effortlessly circulate your arms. Most corporations will offer a sizing chart that will help you perceive the pleasant match for you. Because they generally tend to be quite inflexible and thick, it’s miles usually fine to buy an adjustable one, with straps that can be tightened.

When trying on existence vests, make sure you simulate the variety of movement you’ll undergo at the water, to make sure the life jacket tyles vest is fully comfortable and allows the variety of motion you’ll want.

Once you’ve discovered the life jacket jacket that works pleasant for you if you need to modify it, start at the waist, and work up to the shoulders. Once you observed your life jacket is fitted to securely, get a friend to pull upwards on it – it shouldn’t attain your nose. If it does, the straps need to be tightened. If they can’t be, then you want a smaller size. Talking about sizes.

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Looking After Your Purchase

Life jackets have to be hand-washed, and allowed to drip dry. Do not tumble-dry your life jacket vest, as this may impact on its buoyancy. Check the entirety earlier than use, and be alert for mildew, any rips or leaks. If in doubt, purchase a new one. Remember, those are supposed to save your existence!

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The Best Value for Money Options

Remember to endure in mind what you’ll be the use of your life jacketjacket for – test out our other opinions for extra specific critiques, as an instance for water sports, sailing, and fishing, in addition to dogs, infants, and non-swimmers.

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Best, Cheap Life Jacket

 Pro Life Jacket

The Stearns Adult Classic Series is a unisex product (although Stearns additionally does ones which are mainly designed for women) which is Coast Guard authorized. It is available in a desire of crimson or blue, each color being vibrant and without difficulty seen.

This version is one size suits all, but the buckles and straps permit for smooth adjustment to get the proper suit. However, if you are particularly large, or very slim, you could choose to choose a life jacket that is sized within the ordinary fashion, so you can confidently of a cost and secure suit.

At a poor suit turns into irritatingly obvious while boating, which commonly entails being on the water for long periods. You don’t want to be restrained whilst moving around the boat, and tasty in everyday activities, including making drinks, analyzing an ebook or magazine, etc. (After all, if you’re on a boat, you’re possible to be on holiday – you need to experience yourself!)


  • Coast Guard Approved
  • Easy to alter to fit


  • One size – now not suitable for all of us outside “average” length ranges
Who Is It For?

The Stearns Adult Classic is a superb general purpose life vest for all of us out at the water.

Closely following the Stearns Adult Classic Series Life Vest is the Autovox Adult Inflatable Life Vest, which comes with hi-vis orange or yellow, and may be effortlessly stored in a jacket pocket or rucksack.

This life jacket vest is simply that – a lifestyles vest. It is a “horse-collar” style product, and, at the same time as this makes it cleaner to get on and off, it does imply it came without pockets.


  • Lightweight – clean to pack
  • Hi-vi’s, for safety


No pockets

Who Is It For?

This is a superb purchase for boat-based vacations, as vacation vessels typically have plenty of garage for whatever you might need.

 Pro Life Jacket

Best Mid-Price Life Jacket

The Lifesaving Pro Inflatable Belt Pack is worn around the waist, keeping the arms absolutely loose. The belt pack includes a whistle, to attract attention should you pass overboard, and reflective bands to attach to the belt, so as to growth visibility.

This existence belt comes in a range of brilliant, hi-vi’s colorings, so there’ll be something for everyone. It is SOLAS (Safety Of Life At Sea) accredited, and fully adjustable. As an introduced bonus, there have even zippered garage compartments!


  • Arms are absolutely free and unrestricted
  • Worn around the waist, so you’ll by no means be bothered through bulkiness
  • SOLAS authorized
  • High visibility
  • Storage pockets


  • Doesn’t provide tons warmth – but can without difficulty be worn over a wetsuit.
Who Is It For?

This life jacket belt is perfect for people who want to be secure on the water, however, don’t need to be weighed down, and who want to hold their arms absolutely loose in order to correctly move through the water.

Not too far behind the Lifesaving Pro Belt Pack is the O’Neil Men’s Superlite comes in sizes S-3XL, ensuring there clearly is something for everyone, although the sizes do fit very tight. This vest retains warmth very well, making it ideal for the cooler evenings when you still need to get out on the water. This existence vest is also a Coast Guard authorized.


  • Streamlined, ease of movement, comfortable
  • Coast Guard permitted
  • Retains warmness well


  • Sizes run small
Who Is It For?

This is a superb purchase for people who don’t like the texture of sporting a life jacket. With the O’Neil, you’ll slightly be privy to it until you want it.

 Pro Life Jacket

Best Premium Life Jackets

If you’re spending this sort of money, you’re probable to be sought out competition-preferred vests. Even if you’re not there yet, in case you’ve been given the money, at one of the best life jacket is a good investment. If you make sure you get a top in shape, and take right care of your purchase, it could last you for decades to come.

The Liquid Force 2017 Flex life jacket offers a stretchable, body design, built across the competitive wearer. It is reversible, and looks like a second pores and skin when you’re sporting it. Designed with water sports in mind, it is not Coast Guard accepted.


  • Fully flexible, maximum stretch
  • Second-skin experience


  • Not Coast Guard Approved

Who Is It For? This is clearly a life jacket vest for those trying to cross into professional, aggressive watersports – however there’s no reason you shouldn’t make the investment early on!

Following the Liquid Force is the O’Neil Wetsuits Wake Waterski Checkmate, which, again, is designed for water sports competition, and so isn’t Coast Guard permitted. It also doesn’t have the same easy feel as the Liquid Force – there is a bent for this vest to purpose underarm rashes after an extended day, even though a Rashguard blouse worn under the vest would deal with this.

This life jacket jacket is wind resistant, and gives great impact protection. It also absorbs at least 15% less water than other life jackets, that means you’re no longer getting bogged down in the water.

The stitching in this life vest is overlock stitch, which produces a strong, durable finish. The jacket additionally has a segmented core, which allows for complete flexibility.


  • Segmented core – full flexibility
  • Wind resistant
  • Impact protection
  • Absorbs as a minimum 15% much less water


  • Not Coast Guard accepted
  • Can motive pores and skin rashes after extended wear?
Who Is It For?

As with the Liquid Force, that is a high-trendy existence jacket for those involved in aggressive watersports.s

O’Neill Wetsuits Wake Waterski Men’s Checkmate Comp Vest, Black/Sky, Small

Competition Vest

Segmented Foam Core for Flexibility Wind resistant Glideskin Panels – Reduced Weight

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