Best Life Jacket for Adults Reviews & Buying Guide 2020

Best Life Jacket for Adults
Life Jacket for Adults

Best Life Jacket for Adults

Life jackets have saved many lives during the last hundred and a few years and have superior from being made of cork to lightweight PE floatation foam.

These gadgets are now beginning to be known as personal floatation devices (PFD) instead of the old traditional life jacket name. It is vital to have this type of PFDs with you when you’re out boating or doing other water recreational activities.

So, what is the nice life jacket vest out there? In this review, there is five high-quality merchandise to read approximately which might be US Coast Guard approved. Not best will this review smash down the details of every product, but additionally give you some advice on how to pick out the only that fits your needs.

Best Seller – Onyx MoveVent Dynamic Paddle Sports Life Jacket

  • ONYX MoveVent Dynamic Paddle Sports Life Vest, Orange, Medium/Large
  • two hundred deniers nylon ripstop and nylon oxford
  • Mesh in decrease returned fits excessive lower back seats;
  • Shoulder changes with neoprene comfort pads

The Onyx MoveVent is designed with a built-in safety whistle as a way to sound out a loud noise to warn others of a threat ahead. This Dynamic Sports lifestyles jacket is comprised of long-lasting bubble foam that gives shoulder and returned help even as keeping the user cushty.

Unlike different zipper styles, where you conflict because it gets caught at the cloth, this long-lasting zipper won’t snag making it an extra of a reliable function.

The Onyx existence jacket also offers two expandable shoulder and torso straps that adjust to the right healthy; this additionally prevents the existence jacket from using up and inadequately protective you inside the water.

A characteristic that many humans like on this product is the decrease returned mesh airflow because it allows you to preserve you cool whilst you’re out paddling in the hot summer season sun. The written inside label clarifies that it’s far US Coast Guard accredited and the sizing is also indicated.

ONYX MoveVent Dynamic Paddle Sports Life Vest, Orange, Medium/Large


  • Comfortable shoulder pads
  • Expandable zippered pockets
  • Two expandable shoulder and torso straps
  • Bubble foam returned help for max consolation
  • Built-in whistle for protection
  • Lower back mesh ventilation to preserve you cool
  • Durable zipper that doesn’t snag
  • US Coast Guard permitted

Verdict: The Onyx MoveVent is one among the first-rate dealers on the grownup life jacket market. With its protection capabilities and durability, you can’t cross incorrectly while choosing Onyx products. This lifestyle jacket is first-rate suitable for adults over 90 kilos and is available in X-small up to 2X-large.


  • The padding layout makes it snug
  • The mesh drainage will keep you dry
  • Built-in whistle allows others to find you


  • It doesn’t offer a crotch strap to help hold you steady
  • The sizing is understood to run small

Top Pick – Body Glove Method USCG Approved Nylon Life Vest

  • Body Glove Men’s Method Life PFD Jacket, Black/ElectricBlue/Silvergrey, Large/X-Large
  • Super duty nylon outer shell with PE foam flotation for max consolation
  • 4 heavy duty 1 inch belts with long-lasting short release buckles

Oversized arm holes

The Body Glove existence vest is comprised of exquisite responsibility nylon on its outer shell with 100 percentage PE foam flotation that is tucked away inside for maximum consolation. There are strategically placed drain holes that prevent the vest from getting heavily bogged down, and it also helps to keep you dry. The Body Glove layout has outsized armholes that make it easier to maneuver around while you’re out on the water; it also makes it greater comfortable across the shoulders and around your torso.

This USCG permitted existence jacket is interchangeable for watermen and girls alike; it also comes in teen sizes as nicely. The length and USCG approval sticker will be placed in the vest on your convenience. This kind III Nylon PFD has a lightweight design this is adjustable from 2 inches to 7 inches in length; this feature provides conformability and adaptability at the same time as keeping you safe and stable out on the water.

Body Glove Mens Method Life PFD Jacket, Black/ElectricBlue/Silvergrey, Large/X-Large


  • Body Glove US Coast Guard authorized the great
  • Four heavy-obligation 1-inch belts with a short launch
  • Super duty nylon outer shell
  • Made out of 100 percent PE foam
  • Oversized armholes for better maneuverability
  • Strategically located drain holes to hold you dry

Verdict: The Body Glove existence vest has four 1-inch belts with a brief-launch clip that is made to preserve you secure and safe out on the water; three of the belts go throughout the waist, and the other one goes throughout the chest to present you the ultimate in shape. The body glove style is USCG authorized and is our top pick out in this review.


  • It offers strategic drain holes
  • Oversized armholes for higher maneuverability
  • Sturdy and robust nylon outer shell


  • It has no warmness airflow
  • It doesn’t provide a crotch strap

Best Value – Onyx Adult Universal Type 2 USCG Approved Life Jacket

  • ONYX Adult Oversize/Super Large Type 2 USCG Approved Life Jacket
  • Brand: Kent Sporting Goods Co
  • Part Number: 102000-2 hundred-005-12

The Onyx Universal Type II existence jacket is designed for inland water close to the shore, where the possibilities of an immediate rescue are extra likely. The light-weight shape has minimal buoyancy, which presents the proper amount of balance to turn an unconscious man or woman face-up in calm water conditions. The US Coast Guard-authorized life jacket is comprised of heavy-duty nylon with brilliant orange material masking the outer layer.

This existence jacket fashion is going over the pinnacle with the vest laying at the front of your torso. To fasten it tight, wrap the adjustable strap around your waist and in via the attached loop, click the fast release buckle together, after which tighten the strap to size. The strap adjustability is among 30 inches – fifty-two inches across the chest. The Onyx classic layout presents you with added head support and a clear airway; in case you need to emerge as unconscious, you may be secure and secure until assist should arrive.

ONYX Adult Oversize/Super Large Type 2 USCG Approved Life Jacket


  • US Coast Guard authorized Type II life vest
  • Made of heavy-obligation nylon and brightly orange fabric
  • Has a lightweight feature that is cushty
  • Designed with minimal buoyancy
  • One adjustable strap with a short-launch buckle
  • Fits folks that are 90 pounds and over

Verdict: The Onyx Universal is supposed for those who’s a bodyweight of 90 pounds or more. You can’t pass wrong while buying the Onyx as it has a satisfactory cost in your money inside the PFD market. Whether you’re out on a surfboard or some other water sport, the Onyx will offer you with the safety and safety you want.


  • US Coast Guard accredited
  • Fits adults who’re 90 pounds or over
  • Has a lightweight shape
  • Made out of heavy-responsibility nylon


  • Only has one adjustable strap
  • There is no crotch strap
  • Runner up – Stearns Adult Classic Series Vest

Stearns Adult Classic Series Vest, 3000004475, Blue, Universal

  • US Coast Guard-permitted adult existence jacket
  • Great for boating, tubing, and swimming
  • Soft polyester shell and sturdy Crosstech flotation foam

The Stearns Adult Classic Series is in particular designed for both ladies and men with its US Coast Guard approval you may be kept secure and steady. This version is a one size fits all design but does provide adjustability within the buckles and straps to personalize the in shape. The adult universal existence vest is between 30 inches – fifty-two inches of adjustability with leaving the oversized adult vest being 52 inches – 62 inches. If you’re mainly small or very huge, then this Classic Series vest may additionally no longer fit your needs nicely as it’s miles for a greater trendy size character.

The three 1-inch webbed straps run horizontally throughout the stomach and chest area. In addition to the one-sided design, it offers a tender and durable nylon shell that covers and tucks away the PE flotation foam structure. Not most effective is this strategic and particular lifestyle jacket smooth to wear, but it additionally is snug sufficient to wear all day long. The Stearns Classic is to be had in two different colors, blue and red.

Stearns Adult Classic Series Vest, 3000004475, Blue, Universal


  1. US Coast Guard authorized
  2. Three 1-inch adjustable webbed straps
  3. Soft and durable nylon shell
  4. Lightweight PE flotation foam
  5. One-sided design and 3 buckles for quick launch
  6. Designed for adults weighing 90 pounds or greater

Verdict: If you do multiple kinds of water sports, then the all-motive Stearns Adult Classic might also be an appropriate choice for you. This light-weight layout is meant for the use of adults that weigh 90 kilos or extra of frame weight and is the runner up in this review.


  • Lightweight PE flotation foam layout
  • US Coast Guard accepted
  • Easy adjustable webbed straps
  • The durable nylon shell will close for years


  • It is a one size fits all; so, in case you’re not a preferred length, it’s going to now not match properly
  • Not appropriate for adults over 6-ft tall

Also Consider – Onyx General Purpose Boating Vest

  • ONYX General Purpose Boating Life Jacket Universal, Red
  • Adjustable belts and chest strap to hold vest from using up
  • Lightweight long lasting flotation foam

Large armholes for consolation

The Onyx General Purpose existence vest design presents massive armholes for higher maneuverability and comfort while you’re out boating. This lightweight type III life vest is crafted from 2 hundred-denier nylon and one hundred fifty-denier poly-twill. Great to keep stored inside the boat for an unexpected visitor. The two adjustable belts and one chest strap guarantees your protection and its adaptability to be used for distinctive adult shapes and sizes. This open-sided style is US Coast Guard approved as a Type III existence jacket and a non-public floatation device.

The Onyx PFD is designed with long-lasting PE flotation foam that lets in you to without difficulty float in your again all through a water tragedy. The Onyx Adult Universal suits adults of 90 kilos and over with a chest size between 30 inches – 52 inches. It also is available in a person oversize layout that accommodates individuals who are adults 90 pounds and over with a chest-length of 40 inches to 60 inches. This boating vest comes in quite a few vibrant shades together with stable red, strong blue, and a bicentennial red, white, and blue, which could without difficulty be spotted inside the water.

ONYX General Purpose Boating Life Jacket Universal, Red


  • Adjustable belts and chest strap
  • Open-sided styling
  • Lightweight, long-lasting PE flotation foam
  • Large armholes for maneuverability and luxury
  • 2 hundred denier nylon and a hundred and fifty denier poly-twill
  • US Coast Guard approved Type III life jacket/ non-public flotation device (PFD)

Verdict: The Onyx is a trendy 3 buckle kind vest that gives safety to you at some stage in many one of a kind types of water sports such as boating, water skiing, and jet skiing; this additionally was considered because of its durability, protection, and luxury it offers a user.


  • US Coast Guard permitted
  • Adjustable belts and chest strap
  • Large armholes for more maneuverability


  • The person sizes don’t provide a crotch strap

Best Life Vest for Adults: Buying Guide 2020


Safety and Security

Safety is always a thing when going out on the water; now not to say, how dangerous hitting your head on a rock can be. Enough said, make sure the grownup life jacket you intend to purchase is US Coast Guard authorized that manner you may be more secure and more stable out on the water.


If you intend to go somewhere wherein the water is rough, you can possibly grow to be overboard; be sure that you’ve got an adult existence jacket that has harness help. The harness feature will clip you to a stable floor on the boat, which means you’ll be capable of using the harness to get lower back on the boat if you fall overboard. Having a harness attached makes it safer for people who experience going white-water rafting.

Reflective Piping

All grownup lifestyles jackets have some form of reflective piping or tape throughout them. These reflective substances shine brightly within the sun; whilst a rescue searchlight shines on you, it will be quicker and less difficult to find after you have got fallen into the water.


If you’re making plans on being out on your boat all day, then the grownup existence jacket you pick will need sufficient padding to maintain you snug for a long time. If a PFD has little to no padding, it can trip up making you uncomfortable, and it can also begin to reason some chafing below your palms and stomach.

When deciding on a person PFD, make sure there’s sufficient padding around your shoulders as most of the actions out at the water commonly consist of the shoulders moving around. Not to say how stable and safe you need your shoulders to be. Furthermore, having padding inside the lower again place will assist to give again guide and save you any back pain.


Just like your fall or spring jacket, pockets are a valuable feature to have in your grownup PFD. Although bringing your valuables along isn’t a levelheaded component to do despite the fact that you’ve got the room injuries can occur quickly. If it is essential to have your keys or small trinkets, that’s okay but location them in a water-resistant bag first before putting it in your adult lifestyle vest pocket.


Many adult existence jackets nowadays come with a whistle attached to them for extra safety all through a water accident. The whistle is a first-rate feature to have if you fall overboard, because the coast shield or group that is with you may have a quicker way of finding you while you blow the whistle.

Buckles and Zippers

Some adult life jackets include two or 3 straps that stretch across the belly; whereas, others have straps going throughout the stomach and a chest strap. Either option will keep the allocated weight restrict securely and safely. Also, some adult existence jackets that have a zip to lock them for easy inside and outside access. By the identical token, these are exquisite person life jackets, however personally, it’s far encouraged having each a zipper and buckled strap.

What to Look for in a Life Jacket

You have to use a life jacket that is detailed for adults and for the type of water sports you’re making plans on attending. If you’re a grownup that can’t swim, then the kind I is the precise life vest for you. It is massive and cumbersome, but PFDs are supposed to support the non-swimmer and are the sort that lifeboats use.

If you’re going to be in calmer waters, the sort II will paintings; it’s only a smaller model of kind I. Again, those kinds are simplest used at some point of an emergency water incident. The kind III is more often than not the fashion you spot out on the water for boating, water snowboarding, and sailing.

These adult PFDs will help you if you should ever get into trouble, but generally, it’ll permit mobility for water sports activities. Type IV is the fashion that receives thrown to you within the water for the duration of an emergency, and it sort of looks like a lifesaver. The closing one to go over is kind V, which resembles the sort-III; those are generally smaller and don’t have as lots Buoyancy to them.


Obviously, the primary concept of a grownup existence jacket is to be buoyant; usually speaking, the agencies that make grownup personal floatation gadgets need to provide enough of buoyancy so one can hold your face out of the water so that you don’t drown. For adults, it will require around 12 kilos of buoyancy so as to maintain a 90-pound man or woman afloat. When you’re seeking out an existence jacket, be sure to study the buoyancy score to determine if it’s far-right for you. Always remember, the heavier your body is the much less buoyancy you will want to live afloat.

Weight Capacity

Every person’s life jacket is intended for only a certain amount of weight potential before it is going underneath, so it’s crucial to maintain that in thoughts earlier than you simply grab one off of the rack and purchase it. Most person existence jackets usually convey all unique quantities of weight and do are available lots of sizes, however, it’s miles continually high-quality to test. Another component that might take place like you can clutch one that is too huge for you, inflicting it to be cumbersome and uncomfortable. To keep away from this occurring to you, take a look at the specs on every product earlier than buying.


Many human beings often neglect the shade element of a person’s lifestyle jacket. In truth, maximum simply snatch them and don’t even worry approximately the coloration, or it’s a private preference with regard to selecting your favorite coloration. To study it differently, many want to be elegant and look good even as boating, snowboarding, or doing other water activities. Some are available in black whilst others come in shiny yellow, orange, or red. However, while you’re out on the water, the main thing of getting a grownup lifestyle jacket is in your protection. Logically speaking, the brighter the color, the higher others can see you. It also makes it less complicated to discover you in a dangerous situation. It is excellent to remember bright luminescent colors for your protection.


There are main options to bear in mind in relation to the use of the fabric of a grownup PFD.


This fabric has a far better buoyancy than nylon and normally offers a better match. Neoprene is a stretchy fabric that retains body warmness and presents consolation all through water sports activities and different water recreational sports.


This cloth doesn’t have quite an as tons buoyancy as Neoprene, however, it is the lightest at the cloth market. Healthy, athletic people who love being within the water may advantage from the usage of nylon material.

Both materials have a completely unique part inside the flotation of a grownup existence jacket. To get the high-quality out of your person lifestyle jacket, utilize the type of cloth that fits your frame weight.

Frequent Asked Questions

How do you tell if a grownup lifestyle jacket is US Coast Guard authorized?

First of all, don’t ever purchase a lifestyle jacket that isn’t US Coast Guard permitted. It’s a simple rule to observe to stay safe out at the water. Every existence jacket made and sold within the United States should be USCG accredited. Companies that produce existence jackets understand how vital this endorsement is to promote the product. With that said, search for America Coast Guard endorsement inside of the existence vest; if there’s no label stating it is USCG accredited, it maximum likely is not.

What is the lifespan of a person PFD?

A lifestyle jacket has no expiration date so long as the foam inner continues to be intact because the day you bought it. Along those identical lines, there should no longer be any tears within the cover; the straps have to be in first-rate functioning situations and should be checked through tugging on them; lastly, if there’s no excessive mildew that can’t be washed off. If your existence jacket must have any of these items that were simply mentioned, you want to update it with a brand new USCG permitted PFD.

Is it possible to wear an adult lifestyle jacket while snorkeling?

In view of the reality that life jackets are intended to hold you afloat above water, it doesn’t work for snorkeling. However, a higher suggested choice would be to apply a snorkel vest which is intended for this type of water pastime.

Does a heavier grownup want extra buoyancy to live afloat than a lighter adult?

Believe it or now not, it is the exact opposite. Okay, that might have sounded a touch blunt, but the reality is fats float a lot better than muscle. For instance, a 280 pound NFL quarterback with 10 percent frame fat will require greater buoyancy than a 280-pound person with 35 percent frame fats who already have herbal buoyancy. You don’t want to lose sleep over how plenty buoyancy you need in an existence jacket; after all, that’s what USCG does for you.

Are there locations in which adult lifestyle jackets are available for lease?

Yes, lifestyle jackets are an obligatory a part of renting a boat. If you pass to a place to lease a boat, lifestyle jackets are typically supplied as part of your rental. Another option would be: in case you are taking a further guest out on your boat, then you may go through an existence jacket loaner program. Sometimes, it doesn’t pay to purchase an existence jacket for a one-time occasion out at the water.

What form of person’s life jacket have to be worn while water snowboarding?

Some existence jackets that do not paintings well for water snowboarding, so be sure you pick the proper one. For a hobby like water skiing where you’ll be hitting the water at high speeds, you need a lifestyle jacket that gives multiple closures around your torso. Having various closures will help to hold your life jacket snug even as you’re snowboarding, giving you higher safety.

Do I need to store person life jackets on the boat?

It isn’t always obligatory to store life jackets to your boat while you’re now not out on the water. However, it’s far mandatory to have a lifestyle jacket for all of us this is on the boat. So, why no longer simply preserve them within the boat for easy access?


That concludes our pinnacle 5 lifestyle jackets for adults for 2019. We checked out several life jackets that meet distinctive criteria on the subject of the style, buoyancy, amount of protection connectors, and so on. We also talked approximately the primary functions to search for in an existence jacket and why it is important to have them. As a grownup, you’ll need to set a superb example for the younger technology round you by using carrying an existence jacket whenever you are out at the water.

With any existence jacket, you will need to test to look at the buoyancy rating, how it is made, and look for the America Coast Guard seal of approval. These 3 components will help you to decide the first-rate of the existence jacket and how well it’s going to work for you. A point this is frequently omitted after shopping a lifestyle jacket is that its miles examined out in shallow water earlier than it is taken out into the deep blue sea.