Best Life Jacket for Infants Reviews & Buying Guide 2020

Best Life Jacket for Infants
Jacket for Infants

Best Life Jacket for Infants

There’s not anything more important than protecting your infant close to the water. Many people hear about toddlers and small kids drowning whilst gambling close to the water. As a parent, regular worry makes it hard to enjoy boating or different water activities.

The first-class way to make certain the protection of your infant or small infant, who hasn’t found out to swim yet, is having them wear a lifestyle jacket. Choosing a life jacket takes loads of research to make certain it’s the proper one for your infant.

In this assessment, you may examine a top-level view of five toddler and small children’s lifestyle jackets and capabilities that you should recall earlier than shopping.

Best Seller – Stohlquist Toddler Life Jacket Coast Guard Approved Life Vest for Infants

This model has a double foam collar that supports an infant’s head in the water with lots of room for mobility and contentment. The Stohlquist open neck layout permits a little one or infant to have a complete movable neck variety that gives them masses of room to nonetheless play with no discomfort.

It offers each a cleanup and down zipper and a boxed stitched buckle with adjustable tremendous straps for a snug in shape.

This excellent infant vest comes with an adjustable crotch strap that allows you to save you it from using up and inflicting chafing on your infant’s neck or face. Also, it has massive armholes to assist stop capability chafing as nicely.

The open lower back permits for pores and skin breathability and cushty sitting. There is a grab take care of connected to the back of the lifestyles jacket for short emergency access even as within the water. This lightweight and durable vest is great for people who experience boating and have small kids to take alongside for the ride.

Stohlquist Infant PFD 8-30 lbs, Yellow/Blue

The Top Life Jac for Infants; Reviews


  • Grab handle for instant retrieval
  • Double collar to cradle baby’s head
  • Large armholes to save you chafing
  • Open lower back for breathability and seat consolation
  • Zippered front for clean on and off
  • Single front buckle or brought security
  • Adjustable crotch strap
  • Boxed stitched buckle
  • Full-size adjustable straps

Verdict: The Stohlquist infant customized life jacket has several capabilities with the intention to work properly for a newborn and little one. This existence jacket is properly-designed and is coast defend accepted for babies and small kids; it also is the exceptional seller in the toddler and infant life jacket market. It is an exceptional ideal for toddlers and toddlers who weigh among eight – 30 pounds.


  • Leaves plenty of arm mobility
  • The crotch can be adjusted as your infant grows
  • The straps are adjustable
  • It has a guide for people with larger necks


  • For small toddlers, the zipper might also rub towards the neck and face area

Top Pick – O’Neill Wake Waterski Infant USCG Vest

  • O’NEILL Superlite USCG Nylon Infant Life Vest Yellow/Pacific/Coal
  • US Coast Guard Approved Type II PFD for toddlers up to 30 lbs frame weight
  • Comfortable nylon shell over closed cellular PVC marine foam formed to float child face-up
  • Adjustable safety belts with durable Delrin brief-launch buckles and handy take hold of the loop on the pinnacle cushion

The O’Neill Infant USCG vest provides a cushty nylon shell that contours around an infant or toddler’s body even as also keeping it safe a steady. This vest design comes with a smooth up and down twin-fasten zipper and adjustable buckles that can effortlessly be modified for a comfortable, secure healthy. It additionally offers an adjustable safety belt that is going between the legs to save you it from riding upward and inflicting chafing.

The head cushion props up your baby’s head above the water and offers enough amount of coziness. This nylon shell vest layout has an over steady mobile PVC marine shaped foam that gives the right amount of guide in the water and has a robust outside panel backing. The O’Neill life vest is US Coast Guard accredited and has ultraviolet safety from harmful rays which reasons it to ultimate longer.

O’NEILL Superlite USCG Nylon Infant Life Vest Yellow/Pacific/Coal


  • US Coast Guard Approved Type ll PFD
  • Adjustable safety belts with long-lasting Derlin quick-launch buckles
  • Useful snatch loop on the top cushion
  • Comfortable nylon shell over closed-cell PVC marine foam
  • Adjustable protection belt among the legs
  • Nylon panels with PVC backing
  • Has ultraviolet protection at the material

Verdict: The O’Neill design will protect an infant or toddler from drowning via quickly turning them face up. Between the intense yellow nylon color and the attached grasp loop strap, the coast guards will spot it and pull them out of the water quickly. This life vest is supposed for boaters that need a life jacket for a kid with less than 30 kilos of frame weight and is our top pick in this evaluation.


  • The crotch strap prevents the vest from slipping overhead
  • Designed to smooth the progress of face-up flotation
  • Material is ultraviolet protected


  • Not suitable for children over 30 pounds
  • Bulky padding could be uncomfortable

Best Value – Stearns Infant Classic Series Vest

  • STEARNS Infant Classic Series Vest, Blue
  • US Coast Guard-authorized little one lifestyles jacket
  • Great for introducing little swimmers to the water
  • Durable nylon shell with PE flotation foam

Stearns little one traditional long-lasting nylon shell is designed with PE flotation foam and is good for toddlers and young children just starting to swim. It comes with an adjustable leg strap that goes among the legs to help stabilize the vest in place. The snatch manage is without problems designed and sewn behind the lifestyles vest to give a person smooth access for the duration of a water emergency.

This one-sided vest has a steady zipper and adjustable buckle with a 1-inch webbed strap that is going throughout the waist to securely keep in a little one or small infant. The Stearns durable nylon structure gives a dependable head guide that contains flotation foam that helps the pinnacle and neck. This conventional layout facilitates maintaining a toddler safely steady and may speedy flip them face as much as saving you them from drowning if water accident needs to occur.

STEARNS Infant Classic Series Vest, Blue


  1. Durable and long-lasting nylon construction
  2. Adjustable leg strap and grab cope with
  3. Secure 1-inch webbing
  4. Open-sided vest
  5. Durable and heavy-duty shell with PE floatation foam
  6. Designed for infants beneath 30 kilos
  7. US Coast Guard approved
  8. Secure zipper and adjustable buckle

Verdict: When it comes to lifestyle jackets, this conventional vest design has the right amount of functions that make it ideal for toddlers and is the nice value within the little one existence jacket market. It is US Coast Guard authorized and helps infants under 30 kilos of body weight to live afloat.


  • Grab cope with makes it short and clean to pull an infant out of the water in an emergency
  • Simple to tackle and off
  • Adjustable leg strap continues the vest from riding up


  • It’s large and bulky, making it uncomfortable for some babies

Runner up – O’Neill Infant Superlite USCG Life Vest

  • O’Neill Infant Superlite USCG Life Vest, Pacific/Yellow/Black/Yellow, 0-30 lbs
  • Lightweight Polyethylene Foam
  • Coated Polyester Shell

Soft and Comfortable

The O’Neill USCG existence vest layout comes with a massive head panel that continues an infant or toddler’s head afloat while presenting a contour neck help. This specific vest style has dual short-release Delrin buckles that move directly across the chest and may be adjusted to steady the size of a toddler or small toddler. Also, it has a horizontal up and down zipper to safely secure the vest towards the body.

This light-weight design comes with an adjustable crotch strap that holds the vest in location and maintains it from slipping over a little one or small infant’s head. The Superlite existence vest meets US Coast Guard rules for boating and is prepared to maintain a little one snuggly stable. The coated polyester shell comes in a multi-colored design, pacific blue, yellow, and black. It also is obtainable in turquoise, berry, lime, and white.

O’Neill Infant Superlite USCG Life Vest, Pacific/Yellow/Black/Yellow, 0-30 lbs

The Top Best Life Vest for Infants: Review


  • Made out of lightweight polyethylene foam
  • It has a covered polyester shell
  • Comes with a one-sided heavy-obligation zipper
  • Adjustable dual brief-release Delrin buckles
  • Head panel continues head afloat and safely helps the neck
  • Adjustable crotch strap for delivered protection
  • Grab handle for quick rescuing

Verdict: The runner up has a polyethylene foam layout that permits it to flip a baby proper facet up so it can breathe freely and without drowning. Our runner-up Superlite lifestyles vest has an integrated grasp handle for adults to speedy and effortlessly rescue a toddler or infant. This USCG lifestyle vest is right for infants between 0-30 kilos and kids between 30-50 pounds.


  • Crotch strap prevents the vest from riding up
  • Designed to facilitate face up floatation
  • It has a remarkable design


  • Suitable best for children below 30 kilos
  • Also Consider – Full Throttle Infant Baby-Safe Vest
  • Full Throttle Infant Baby-Safe Life Jacket
  • Oversized collar for progressed head help
  • Convenient buckle beginning at collar makes it smooth to position on

Elasticized material leg strap for introduced consolation

The Full Throttle vest supplies an excellent combo of capabilities that offers babies a secure time out at the water. This child safe-vest is constituted of two long-lasting materials, 2 hundred denier nylon, and 150 deniers poly-twill. It is designed with an oversized collar that offers advanced head help for a little one who is much less than 30 kilos of frame weight.

The elasticized fabric leg strap design fits proper between the legs for added consolation and reassurance. It comes with a unique grasp handle protection characteristic that gives a short manner to remove an infant from the water for the duration of an emergency. This patent design is US Coast Guard permitted as a kind ll existence jacket and a non-public floatation device. The Throttle vest has an open lower back layout that lets in a toddler or small toddler to move freely even as at play, giving them smooth maneuverability.

Full Throttle Infant Baby-Safe Life Jacket


  • Grab manage for easy recovery
  • Elasticized fabric leg strap for conformability
  • Oversized collar for better head support
  • Provides a buckle starting at the collar and one at the waist
  • Fits infants that weigh less than 30 kilos
  • Made out of 2 hundred denier nylon and 150 deniers poly-twill

Verdict: We also considered the Full Throttle Infant Baby-Safe Vest; it could look oddly formed and exceptional than most, as it has one of its fastening buckles on the collar and the differences within the traditional place around the child’s waist. This vest designed is intended for babies that are much less than 30 kilos of body weight.


  • It has a handy open and close buckle on the collar
  • Encircling waist belt with an open and near the buckle
  • It has a big collar that gives last head help


  • It isn’t always smooth to maneuver an infant in and out of

Best Life Vest for Infants & Buying Guide


US Coast Guard Approval – The Most Important.

Always ensure that the existence jacket you choose has a label indicating it’s far US Coast Guard-authorised; this can make certain which you have the excellent best existence jacket for your infant. If it isn’t USCG authorized, you may come to be with the one that is bulky and risky. The motive you’re looking at lifestyles jackets is to preserve your toddler safe so study the inner label to decide if it’s miles rated for toddlers and small kids.


An uncomfortable life jacket can also go away your infant cranky and complaining at some stage in the interest that is supposed to be giving them enjoyment. Comfort comes with the right size existence jacket that fits perfectly, so observe the fashion of the vest.

Grab Loop

Many little one lifestyles jackets have a seize take care of this is sewn at the higher returned segment of the vest for quick accessibility at some point of a water emergency. A seize loop isn’t a mandatory feature however can make it simpler to retrieve your toddler who has fallen in the excessive water.

Weight Restrictions

The weight limits are commonly printed on the internal of the vest. It is excellent to select one that is going with the contemporary weight of your child. Don’t be tempted to buy an existence jacket within the same fashion as you would apparel and wondering your baby can develop into it.

This angle will purpose the life jacket to be unfastened on your infant, making it uncomfortable and dangerous. Safety is vital, so the jacket has to follow the desires of your baby.

Color and visibility

Most people typically don’t consider what shade is fine for an existence jacket. In fact, you can no longer even assume the shade even matters and base it in your baby’s favorite shade to make them satisfied or simply grab the cheapest one this is available.

You may also even want to keep your toddler’s existence jacket in fashion with different PFD which you have seen out on the water. Even though you could not think coloration matters it does. For instance, dark colors are tougher to look inside the water; whereas, bright colorful colors can be visible extra easily giving your toddler a higher danger of survival in the event that they fall in the water.

Vertical zipper and buckles

The fine way to hold your baby secure even as carrying a lifestyles jacket is making sure it’s far stable. A horizontal zipper and dual buckles will secure your child in the life vest, making them safe and cushty. Some provide a crotch strap that is going up among the legs to save you it from sliding over the head.

Head Protection

Many lifestyle vest designs are custom made to protect a toddler from drowning by speedy turning them face side up and keeping their face out of the water. These types of lifestyle jackets are perfect for new swimmers and infants.


Clearly, the perception behind an existence jacket is for them to be buoyant. In general, toddler existence jackets are made with nylon and poly-twill material, which has mild buoyancy separately, however, it has the proper amount for a toddler or small toddler when used together. For toddlers, it takes seven kilos of buoyancy so as to maintain a 30-pound infant afloat. When you’re considering on shopping a life jacket for your child, make certain to study the buoyancy rating.

Things to Take Into Consideration When Purchasing an Infant Life Jacket

The Right Fit

Always make certain that the life jacket fits properly. Infant life jackets are solely based on weight, which makes it less complicated to discover one. Never preserve up an existence jacket to eye stage to size it up because you can buy one this is too big, which makes it risky to use. It is nice to buy a life vest that has a crotch strap to make it greater steady.

Best Support

Only purchase those infant existence jackets that have supportive headrests. If an emergency ought to manifest out at the water which you get separated from your little one, a supportive headrest will preserve your baby secure and above water.

Testing Prior to Use

Before taking your toddler out in deep water, attempt afloat take a look at. Place the life jacket in your infant and then vicinity them face down in the shallow water. If it’s a wonderful working lifestyle jacket, it’ll fast flip your infant upright preserving the face out of the water. If it doesn’t paintings in some seconds, take your infant out of the water and don’t use that life jacket. Instead, purchase a new one for the safety of your toddler.

The Importance of Wearing a Life Jacket

Many people experience that life jackets are essential. With that said, any small baby that hasn’t learned how to swim yet, while you live near excessive water, or whilst you’re going to take them on a boat goes to want a lifestyle jacket. While an existence jacket can keep your infant’s life, nothing is an alternative to a parent’s supervision. Always maintain a close eye for your infant near the water although they have got a life jacket on them. As there are several types of existence jackets, you want to examine the label to make certain you are the use of the best one for your infant or little one.

Life Jacket Safety Points

Every yr you have to test your lifestyle jacket for wear and tear earlier than using it. If you locate any signs of mold or the fasteners are broken, then throw it away. After your appearance, it over, strive it in your small toddler to see if it nevertheless suits the way it ought to. If it does, amazing. If not, you will need to buy a brand new existence jacket so that it will hold your infant secure.

If your child panics and freaks out inside the water, the lifestyle jacket may additionally keep your baby face down within the water as opposed to flipping over as it is meant to do. To keep away from this panic behavior, get your toddler familiar with the life jacket and its abilities to assist them to overcome those panic episodes.

Never modify an existence jacket as it will now not be US Coast Guard authorized if you do. You have to always wear your existence jacket even as you are in deep water; this may set an excellent instance and give you a guide in an emergency situation to get to your baby.

Don’t attach region an existence jacket around an automobile seat for your toddler or small baby. The weight of the auto seat will purpose it to flip the wrong way up with your infant’s head underwater, a good way to bring about them drowning if it isn’t flipped proper side up in time.

Frequent Asked Questions

How do I check the suit of a little one existence jacket?

Before going out on the water, an area the lifestyles jacket to your infant and ensure that you’ve got tightened it as if you were going out boating. Then, gently carry your child by the shoulders of the vest to peer if it slides over the head. It must no longer cross beyond the ears or chin.

Why can’t my little one use a larger child’s life jacket?

Apart from it being loose and too huge, a baby’s life jacket doesn’t have a head cushion to aid the top out of water like a toddler life vest. Also, many child vests don’t include a crotch strap leaving is feasible for the lifestyles vest to slide over the little one’s head.

If my infant is 30 pounds, which one must be used a toddler or infant life jacket?

That is a tough question because it will depend on the dimensions of your child as well. However, the top cushion makes a toddler existence vest a better preference as it will have better aid. Test it in the water; in case your baby begins to sink, it’s time to improve to a toddler’s life vest.

Is type I or type II excellent for a little one existence jacket?

Type II is the first-rate adaptable lifestyle vest for a toddler. These styles of lifestyle vests are not bulky and offer sufficient head support to maintain it above water. This style also usually has a seize loop and an adjustable crotch strap.

Why does my toddler need a lifestyle jacket?

The importance of a lifestyle jacket will rely on the interest you want to do. If you’re going boating, then yes, a life jacket is a should. Accidents occur fast out on the water; in case your boat needs to sink, then your infant would have a better chance of survival due to the protection of an existence jacket.

What is a crotch strap used for?

A crotch strap will assist to secure a child like an automobile seat 3-point system; it also will maintain the life jacket from sliding upward and coming off over the toddler’s head.

How does a life jacket guard my infant or small child?

Life Jackets guard folks that are carrying them in many ways. The foam cloth of a life jacket distributes the weight and size of the kid with a first-rate quantity of water to reason them to float. It is first-class to pick out a bright shade to make it visible.

Do little one existence jackets expire?

Life jackets that are made from foam commonly do no longer expire. However, you do need to be careful now not to crush them as it will decrease the buoyancy of the existence jacket. If it’s damaged, it’s going to need to be replaced.

Is it required for babies to put on life jackets out on the water?

According to the USA Coast Guard’s office of boating safety, toddlers that weigh eight pounds or extra need to indeed wear a life jacket. If your infant does weigh eight pounds yet, then it’s best not to take them out at the water until a life jacket can be worn.

Can a little one drown with a lifestyle jacket on?

There constantly is a mild danger for the duration of conditions like a giant wave takes them underwater for an extended time. If the head is underwater more than above the water, then it’s miles possible for a little one to drown.


As a parent, you may always be in the function to appearance out for your little one or small baby. If you stay close to a stream, lake, or river, you will need to buy a life jacket that fits as it may shop your infant’s life. For an infant lifestyle jacket, you’ll need to double-take a look at that it is good quality like the ones that had been protected in this guide. The ones on this evaluate will offer an infant or small toddler with masses of head and neck help so much that its little head will live above water.

All of those toddler life jackets are US Coast Guard permitted, which means you may make sure of the fine and durability. Even nonetheless, usually take a look at out the existence jacket before touring out at the water to find out that it isn’t a secure, stable lifestyle vest. Once you’ve got selected and tested a life jacket for your little one or small child, you’ll be equipped to take them out on the water.