The Top Best Life Jackets For Babies & Reviews Buying Guide-2020

Best Life Jackets For Babies
Jackets For Babies

Best Life Jackets For Babies

There is no cause why babies shouldn’t be exposed to calm, relatively heat water as early as possible. If your family enjoys lake-based boating vacations, you’ll obviously want to convey the little ones along with you.

With the right existence vests, designed to preserve tiny people secure and comfortable, your new arrival may be at the water long earlier than they’re even starting to locate their land legs!

The following reviews need to make deciding on the proper infant existence jacket easy – so that you won’t experience all at sea!

Best Life Vest for Babies: Reviews

#5 – Stearns Infant Puddle Jumper

The brilliantly-named Puddle Jumper is Coast Guard approved and designed to maintain your child’s head upright, and clean of the water. It features strong seize handles to easily permit a parent to get maintain of their infant.

This is pretty a bulky life jacket, and the neck strap is not adjustable. It also doesn’t ensure that your child is flipped onto their returned should they land face down inside the water.

STEARNS Puddle Jumper Infant Hydroprene Life Jacket, Pink Fish


  • Coast Guard permitted
  • Strong take hold of handles
  • Head saved upright and clean of the water


  • Doesn’t turn toddler onto their back if they land face down
  • The neck strap is not adjustable
  • Bulky

Most Suitable For?

Pool use, whether at domestic or on excursion.

Value For Money?

The Puddle Jumper has very restrained use. There are similarly-priced vests that will ensure your baby is became onto their again quickly.

  • STEARNS Puddle Jumper Infant Hydroprene Life Jacket, Pink Fish
  • US Coast Guard-permitted little one existence jacket
  • Oversized head guide encourages face-up flotation

Made with a smooth Hydroprene shell and durable Crosstech flotation foam

#4 – Full Throttle

Full Throttle offers a Coast Guard-authorized little one life jacket that consists of a pop-up pillow for head help. This lifestyles vest guarantees your infant stays upright in the water, and a waist belt and leg straps ensure it fits securely.

This is one of the bulkier toddler life vests, and some babies can discover it uncomfortable to wear.

However, it will maintain them as safe as possible, and decrease danger to lifestyles must the worst happen, and they discover themselves in the water.

It is also very secure for dad and mom who wish to take part in baby aquafit periods as a shape of workout and bonding with other babies and mother and father.

Full Throttle Youth Hinged Rapid-Dry Flex-Back Vest, Blue/Green, Size Youth


  • Head pillow
  • Keeps infant upright inside the water
  • Coast Guard Approved


  • Bulky, and may be uncomfortable.

Who Is It For?

This existence vest is ideal for terribly young infants who cannot yet guide their very own heads, way to the pillow headrest. However, it would additionally be appropriate for older babies in a number of water-primarily based settings.

Value For Money?

If you may often be in and on the water with your toddler, this is a very low cost and very safe lifestyles jacket for them. A rashguard shirt worn beneath the lifestyles vest may help minimize discomfort.

Full Throttle Youth Hinged Rapid-Dry Flex-Back Vest, Blue/Green, Size Youth

  • Blue/green/fits Youth 50-ninety lb
  • Stretchable Flex-Back insert for delivered flexibility
  • Five segmented hinge factors for brought Maneuverability

#3 – Salus Bijoux Baby

Salus Bijoux Baby gives a totally adjustable toddler existence jacket with a completely unique three-piece collar design, which cradles the child’s head.

These existence vests come in a range of bright, baby-pleasant colors, and are very comfortable, taking into account a full variety of movement. They are also designed to routinely turn toddler onto their back should the emerge as face down in water at any point.

This life jacket isn’t Coast Guard authorized, but could be first-rate for pool or coastline sports with your toddler – paddling, or aquafit classes, for example.


  • Head is cradled via unique collar layout
  • Full range of movement
  • Automatically turn baby face up
  • Comfortable


  • Not Coast Guard approved

Who Is It For?

This is more for dad and mom who could be taking their babies to pool-based totally activities, and for the ones households with a pool at home, even though it could also be appropriate as a general vacation object for your child.

Value For Money?

If you’ve got a pool at home, or will be frequently taking your toddler to pool-based totally sports, this is clearly an amazing funding for peace of mind.

Salus Bijoux Baby Vest – Lime

  1. Winner of the Canadian Safe Boating Award (CASB) for Best New Safety Product
  2. Designed for infants 9 to twenty-five pounds (chest length 12 to 18 inches round). Adjustable mesh and webbing harness system for security, venting,…
  3. Three piece collar design with additional flotation on aspects to cradle toddler’s head in center of collar for security and comfort

#2 – Stohlquist Nemo

This PFD (Personal Flotation Device) from Stohlquist provides brief-release buckles and wrap around flotation, which keeps your child’s head clean of water.

Some people have found that the zipper can chafe, however this can be addressed by having your toddler wear a skinny water-resistant undershirt. This is a very bulky lifestyles jacket, however does provide great protection.

Stohlquist Infant PFD 8-30 lbs, Blue/Black


  • Quick release buckles
  • Wrap around flotation


  • Bulky
  • Chafing from zipper

Most Suitable For?

This life vest is right for loads of vacation experiences, including those where babies will be close to open water, such as a own family boating day trip on a lake, for example.

Value For Money?

This is higher-price lifestyles jacket, but may be very safe, and best for a number of environments and situations.

  • Stohlquist Infant PFD 8-30 lbs, Blue/Black
  • Quick launch buckle over access zipper for delivered protection
  • Adjustable crotch strap

Convenient clutch handle

#1 – O’Neil Wake Waterski Infant

This one is Coast Guard accredited, and capabilities a head relaxation and brief release buckles, so getting infant in and out of the life jacket is a breeze.

It does seem pretty thick, which can be uncomfortable, and potentially cause an toddler to become too hot. Something to keep an eye on, however it’s the only drawback to a terrific product.

O’Neill USCG nylon little one existence vest (as much as 30 lbs) Navy/pink/navy


  • Quick launch buckles
  • Coast Guard authorized
  • Head rest


  • Very thick and bulky

Who Is It For?

This is a superb existence jacket for families enjoying time on cool, open water with young toddlers.

Value For Money?

If you and your circle of relatives spend a number of time on the lake, or inshore sailing, this is simply a good buy – just keep a watch on your child, and make sure they’re not getting too hot.

  • O’Neill USCG nylon little one existence vest (up to 30 lbs) Navy/pink/navy
  • Infant vest for 30lbs and under
  • USCG Approved Vest Head Support Panel with Safety Loop

Adjustable Safety Belt among legs

Final Decision?

If you’re frequently out on the water, and want to understand your infant is as secure as they may be, the O’Neil Wake Waterski Infant is the clean winner from the infant and baby existence vests we’ve reviewed here.