Best Life Jackets For Small Dogs

Best Life Jackets For Small Dogs

Why could a dog need a life jacket? Dogs can swim, after all. Right?

Well, no longer all puppies, and not always inside the type of water, we human beings want to take our pleasant pals out on. Dogs, just like us, can get exhausted, mainly if they’re trying to swim in opposition to a strong current. They can also panic in the event that they grow to be in the water unexpectedly.

And then, there are just some breeds that don’t like water, and actually won’t swim to store their lives.

An existence jacket on your canine partner can be a lifestyles-saving purchase. You can experience riversports, boating vacations, and fishing expeditions, all together with your furry friend at your side, unfastened from worry about what would happen have been they to fall into the water.

Why Not Just Leave the Dog at Home?

Your canine may not like water, however, he’ll typically like being aside from you even less (e.G. if you depart him with a minder or in a kennel). Dogs are exceedingly social animals, and surely love being with their people.

Also, if you are an energetic man or woman who calls for the aid of a service dog, she may additionally properly want to be with you while you’re playing water-based total activities, to make sure you feel secure, and are able to experience your self as completely as possible.

And, finally, it could be your dog who’s profiting from water-based total activities. You can also need to teach a running canine who will inevitably come across water, or you may be assisting an aged or infirm animal via hydrotherapy. In each case, it’s vital to make certain your dog is saved as secure as possible.

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What Should I Look For In A Doggy Life Jacket?

The maximum crucial matters are that the life vest you buy to your pupper suits him properly, without being too loose, or too tight.

Too loose, and the existence vest may additionally get stuck on branches and underwater hazards, trapping your canine, or may also come off completely, leaving them unprotected. Too tight, and they’ll be unable to assist themselves by using doggy-paddling to safety, main to panic.

It is also critical to make certain that the dog lifestyles preserver doesn’t experience too heavy or cumbersome, that could distress an animal, and also that it’s far brightly colored, for visibility.

Finally, make certain the lifestyles jacket has smooth-grip handles on the way to aid your dog’s weight as you raise them, through the life vest’s handles, from the water.

Other useful however now not important things to don’t forget are vests that assist your dog’s head, retaining it above water, and lifestyle jackets with D-ring attachments for your dog’s leash, so that you can without difficulty transition between water and land-based totally activities.

When shopping for a vest on your canine, make certain you check and follow the sizing manual properly, and make certain you get the first-rate in shape to your faithful buddy.

The following opinions can provide you with a hand – or a paw! – choosing the correct lifestyle jacket for your dog.

The Best Life Vest For Small Dogs: Reviews

#5 – Outward Hound Ripstop K-nine Life Jacket (Granby Splash)

This existence jacket comes sized from XS-XL, and so is suitable for breeds from Chihuahua to Rottweiler, and the entirety in among. It offers high visibility, with reflective accents set against a preference of bright colorations.

There are two massive, clean-grip handles, permitting you to without problems snatch your canine and do away with them from the water, and the existence vest also capabilities ahead relaxation float, to keep your pup’s head above water at all instances.

The aspect fastenings are without problems adjustable to make sure a comfortable yet cushty healthy in your pooch.

This is a reasonably-priced life jacket, and could fit individuals who are taking a canine associate on a water-based totally vacation, and want to make sure their protection.

This existence vest is a bit bulky, and therefore not ideal for puppies that select to spend a whole lot of time inside the water, or working puppies. However, as a basic protection precaution for vacations, it’s extra than suitable.

(There seems to have been a rebranding and the agency is now known as Granby Splash.)

Kyjen Outward Hound PupSaver Ripstop Life Jacket Orange (Medium)


  • Bright, reflective, hi-vis
  • Dual-grip handles for easy rescue
  • Floating head rest


  • Seems cumbersome and heavy for the canine
  • Sizing can run small – always order a length larger than you want

Who Is It For?

If you have got a pool to your backyard, or you’re planning a water-based excursion and need to take your four-legged pal alongside for the amusing, this is an affordable protection precaution to be able to meet your desires.

If your dog is an operating dog, or you’re frequently out on the water, however, this can no longer be the fine existence jacket to your canine’s lifestyle.

If you have got a mainly massive breed canine, it’s miles worth spending a bit bit more to get a lifestyles to vest wherein the sizing is greater accurate.

Is it Value For Money?

As long as you understand that this existence vest isn’t for dogs which can be frequently in or on the water, it’s a bargain at a respectable price. Ideal for the vacation-necessities pack.

Kyjen Outward Hound PupSaver Ripstop Life Jacket Orange (Medium)

SPLASH WITH SAFETY: Because puppies like to swim and we love to keep them safe, the Outward Hound Grandby Splash Life Jacket gives a.

PADDLE AND PLAY FRIENDLY: The Granby Splash canine life jacket is built with ripstop material that gives cushty buoyancy inside the.

FIT AND FUNCTION: Dogs are available in all shapes and sizes. Whether your canine is short and stout or long and lanky, there’s a Granby life jacket.

#4 – VivaGlory Dog Life Jacket

This one comes in a range of bright colors, all of that is reflective, in sizes XS-XL, meaning that you ought to be able to select a lifestyle vest no matter what length of dog you have.

This life vest appears to take a seat gently on a canine, leaving them loose to experience themselves and circulate around without problems. It functions a single top take hold of cope with, which can also be caught with the aid of a boat hook, allowing you to without problems pull your canine from the water must they become in trouble.

There is likewise a D-ring to attach your dog’s leash after you are back on land, or if you want to tether them within the boat.

Vivaglory New Sports Style Ripstop Dog Life Jacket with Superior Buoyancy & Rescue Handle, Bright Orange, XS

The stitching around the manage does now not seem especially long-lasting, although it might be excellent for occasional use, along with on vacation. Also, the fasteners will be inclined to return loose, which can pose a protection chance on your dog.

This is a cheaper life jacket, and can be a good preference for people with a pool in their home or yard, who want to make sure their canine doesn’t emerge as in hassle while they’re taking part in themselves.


  • Fully reflective
  • Light and smooth to wear


  • Stitching isn’t very long-lasting around clutch manage
  • Fasteners seem to come back loose without difficulty

Who Is It For?

The VivaGlory lifestyles jacket would be the best, inexpensive buy if you have each puppy and a pool at domestic. It gives you peace of thoughts, understanding that ought to your dog accidentally end up within the pool, he can without difficulty be rescued.

Is it Value For Money?

As lengthy as you knew the limitations of this life vest, it’s a good, inexpensive purchase to have across the house for those instances whilst your dog desires to frolic inside the pool, and also you need to understand she’s secure.

Vivaglory New Sports Style Ripstop Dog Life Jacket with Superior Buoyancy & Rescue Handle, Bright Orange, XS

Measure Twice, Buy Once: Please refer our length chart image to measure your puppies and pick out an appropriate length for them; Chest Girth ought to be.

New Sports Style Design: Sports-style design gives your loved one dog a new look and does no longer avert his/her natural movement. Thoughtful…

Safe Material: The materials of the Vivaglory dog life jacket have exceeded the CA65 test, keeping your dog safe anywhere he/she roams. Upgraded…

#3 – Paws Aboard Doggy Life Jacket

The Paws Aboard Doggy Life Jacket from Fido Pet Products is made from excessive excellent neoprene, and so is completely waterproof. It is available in sizes XS-XL, and capabilities a convenient pinnacle handle, so you can without difficulty get keep of your canine if they get into the issue in the water.

However, the Paws Aboard lifestyles vest is quite cumbersome and can purpose balance issues for smaller puppies.

Whilst nonetheless less expensive, there are cheaper options which do no longer have the problems round bulkiness, which include the Outward Hound Ripstop lifestyles jacket, which gives a similar preferred of safety, without the opportunity of causing a smaller canine to lose their balance within the water.

Paws Aboard Dog Life Jacket, Neoprene Dog Life Vest for Swimming and Boating – Red


  • Neoprene – absolutely waterproof


  • Can purpose balance troubles for smaller dogs

Who Is It For?

Owing to the potential issues with smaller puppies, the Paws Aboard is recommended for proprietors with mid-size dogs who revel in swimming, or who may be operating within the water frequently.

Is it Value For Money?

There are cheaper, equally protective alternatives available, which would additionally be better for small dogs. However, if you have a medium or large breed dog that is confident within the water, this may be a perfect buy for additional piece of thoughts.

Paws Aboard Dog Life Jacket, Neoprene Dog Life Vest for Swimming and Boating – Red

CHOOSE THE RIGHT SIZE – Measuring Body Girth is vital for purchasing a pleasant fit. Do not approximate or guess! Before setting your order,

KEEP YOUR FURRIEST MATE SAFE – Vibrant colors and reflective strips increase the visibility of your playful pooch day and night. Our canine life.

QUALITY MATERIALS – This Paws Aboard Dog Life Jacket is manufactured from quick-dry, breathable neoprene fabric and the proper amount buoyancy

#2 – Swimways Sea Squirts Life Vest

Ever wanted to own a puppy shark? With the Swimways Sea Squirts Life Vest, you can – nicely, almost!

Designed for smaller puppies (these come in sizes Small and Medium only), the Sea Squirt capabilities a lovable dorsal fin design, so your pampered pooch can play at being a fearsome predator, and you and your own family and friends can get some adorable photos and plenty of “Awwww!” moments!

SwimWays Sea Squirts Fin Friends Life Jacket, Blue

The Sea Squirt features a D-ring leash attachment, so that you can without problems transfer among water and land-primarily based sports with your canine, or tether them on a ship or on the water’s edge if you need to keep them out of trouble.

The Sea Squirt life vest is also a cushty but heavy-responsibility design, presenting full safety without stepping into your canine’s way. If you have got a long-haired breed, do watch their fur inside the velcro fastenings, as it is able to without problems get stuck, which is uncomfortable for the dog, and, of course, results in the velcro carrying out more fast.

This is an amusing life vest if you have a bit dog and a big pool!


  • Fun design
  • Easy-use velcro fastenings
  • Leash ring


  • Only suitable for small dogs
  • Not awesome for long-haired breeds

Who Is It For?

This life jacket is greater approximately amusing than function, however, it could make the best purchase for someone with a small canine who changed into a confident swimmer, to liven up those summertime evenings out with the aid of the pool.

Is it Value For Money?

Although no longer highly-priced via any means, it is a touch on the highly-priced facet for something that’s extra approximately novelty price than practicality. If you’re looking for functionality, this isn’t the lifestyle jacket for you or your dog.

SwimWays Sea Squirts Fin Friends Life Jacket, Blue

US-COAST GUARD APPROVED: The Fin Friends Life Jacket is US Coast Guard accepted Type III Personal Floatation Device for children.

FLEXIBLE FIN: Wearing a lifestyle jacket has never been more amusing. Attached to the existence jacket is a blue bendy fin at the again.

ADJUSTABLE: There are 2 adjustable waist belts and an adjustable strap among the legs to make sure a custom fit for your little one

#1 – Ruffwear K-9 Float Coat

Finally, the Ruffwear K-nine Float Coat comes in sizes from XXS-XL and is crafted in abrasion-resistant ripstop fabric. The snatch-cope with is optimally located to assist you to fast and effectively get preserve of your canine if she finally ends up in difficulty, or for a service canine’s handler to be pulled from the water via their dog within the event of an emergency.

There is an adjustable neck panel to hold your canine’s head clean of the water.

RUFFWEAR – K-9 Float Coat for Dogs, Buoyant, Secure, Reflective, Red Currant, Medium

This is a higher-priced lifestyle jacket, even though it’s nevertheless affordable, and is virtually greater for the critical watersports enthusiast who desires their canine to enjoy the amusing, as nicely as individuals who are energetic, however, require the help of a service canine.

The take hold of taking care of is more than sturdy sufficient for a handler to cling to while their service canine pulls them from the water if want be. The sizing chart for this life vest is likewise far more detailed than maximum others, permitting you to select the optimal match on your canine’s consolation and protection.

However, it may be difficult to get a jacket too in shape huge, barrel-chested, narrow-hipped breeds which include Pit Bulls. If you’ve got a Pit, your satisfactory bit may be to get a custom-tailored lifestyle vest for them.


  • The handle can support a human being pulled by way of their canine – perfect for folks that require the assistance of a service canine.
  • Adjustable neck support
  • Detailed sizing chart


  • Difficult to match on unusually-formed breeds

Who Is It For?

At the price, this existence jacket is virtually meant for the serious water enthusiast. It is also perfect for those wishing to remain lively who want a service canine to assist them in their sports. Definitely intended for greater than just vacations.

Is It Value For Money?

Definitely, in case you are a lively service canine handler or are regularly out at the water together with your canine. This could additionally be an investment for those with water-centered working puppies.

RUFFWEAR – K-9 Float Coat for Dogs, Buoyant, Secure, Reflective, Red Currant, Medium

BUILT TO LAST: The K-9 Float Coat is comprised of time-proven, abrasion-resistant substances to instill self-belief that the jacket will.

STRATEGICALLY-PLACED CLOSED-CELL FOAM PANELS: Strategically-located closed cellular foam panels allow your canine to keep their natural…

STRONG, LOW-PROFILE HANDLE: The K-9 Float Coat features a sturdy, low-profile handle this is optimally placed at the top of the life.

The Final Decision

There are two clean winners here: If you’re an expert with a water-based totally operating canine, or an active service dog handler, then the Ruffwear K-nine Float Coat can’t be beaten for performance. At the price, it is able to also be a good choice for folks who don’t mind spending extra to ensure the very fine for their puppy.

If your desires are more general, and your budget greater limited, however, the Outward Hound is an amazing basic-purpose lifestyles jacket for infrequent boating vacations, or for having to your pooch whilst he’s around the pool or riverbank.

And Remember

Always ensure the life vest you buy to your dog is a good in shape – cushty but snug

Even if you suppose your dog is a sturdy swimmer, even if they love water – buy them an existence vest. Just in case.