Best Life Jackets for Youth Reviews & Buying Guide -2020

Best Life Jackets for Youth
Best Life Jackets

Best Life Jackets for Youth

The maximum huge manner to assure the safety of your toddler, who may or may not have discovered to swim yet, is via having them put on a young people existence jacket. As a parent, your baby’s safety is the maximum full-size component to you when you plan to take them out into the water, so we put a review a few merchandise and positioned a buying guide together that will help you choose the right one that fits your youthful toddler. In this review, there are five of the great USCG authorised existence jackets that are custom made for teenagers swimmers or different water activity. We will communicate about the features on these five merchandise, what is crucial to look for in young people existence jackets, and speak regularly requested questions on the very last section.

Best Life Vest for Youth: Reviews 2020

Best Seller – O’Neill Youth SuperLite USCG Life Vest

O’NEILL Superlite Youth USCG Life Vest Ultraviolet/Graphite/Smoke (4725)

The O’Neill Youth SuperLite life vest has durable nylon construction with light-weight polyethylene foam for brought smoothness and comfortability. This lightweight design offers the standard 3 brief-release Derlin buckles with 1-inch adjustable torso straps and a 1-inch adjustable chest strap for closure. It doesn’t provide a crotch strap but offers four 1-inch vertical straps strategically sewn to the front and back of this teenagers vest, which secures the two horizontal adjustable torso straps in area for a higher fit.

The layout lets in lots of breathability to keep your infant cool for the duration of water activities. The SuperLite is designed with a long lasting 100 percentage covered polyester shell, which offers a strong outer layer to this existence vest. The O’Neill lifestyles vest design has gone thru testing to make sure the protection of your baby and become stamped with approval of the US Coast Guard.

O’NEILL Superlite Youth USCG Life Vest Ultraviolet/Graphite/Smoke (4725)


  • Lightweight polyethylene foam
  • Minimal bulk layout permits complete mobility
  • Three brief-release Delrin buckles
  • Durable 100 percentage coated polyester shell
  • US Coast Guard approved
  • Durable nylon creation
  • Two 1-inch torso straps and one chest strap
  • Designed for kids weighing 50 to 90 kilos

Verdict: The O’Neill Youth SuperLite is an appealing unisex life vest that’s made for teens and is an splendid choice for swimming and water sports activities. The SuperLite is designed for youngsters weighing 50 to 90 pounds. This existence vest layout is additionally to be had for smaller kids and infants as properly. This lifestyles vest additionally has a minimal bulk design that lets in complete mobility without sliding upward which lets in your infant to play without feeling uncomfortable and is the first-class seller on the PFD market.


  • Provides a soft and comfortable suit
  • Has a sturdy outside shell
  • Good fine vest design
  • Has a light-weight structured design


  • Doesn’t have a zipper closure
  • No crotch strap available with this layout

Top Pick – Stearns Youth Boating Vest

  • STEARNS Youth Classic Series Life Vest
  • US Coast Guard-permitted teens life jacket
  • Great for boating, tubing, and swimming

Durable nylon production with PE flotation foam

The Stearns Youth Boating Vest enables to preserve your toddler protected and snug out on the water. This lifestyles vest passes all of the regulatory necessities important for boating use and is US Coast Guard permitted. The one-sided existence jacket has the standard 3 buckles design with 1-inch adjustable straps that fasten round your torso and a 1-inch chest strap for a secure and relaxed suit. This youngsters life jacket has long lasting nylon production with PE floatation foam; this design is strong sufficient to withstand every day use whilst swimming, tubing, and boating.

This 7.4-ounce layout has durable artificial nylon production with lengthy-lasting PE Crosstech floatation foam to keeping your baby afloat and safe in rivers, lakes, and swimming pools. The Stearns Youth Boating lifestyles vest is an ideal type III PFD with sea level buoyancy of 15.5 pounds for an entire day of fun in the water. As parents, you realize how a lot your infant loves to play and circulate around, so it goes without saying that the maneuverability element of this young people boating vest will now not slow them down.

STEARNS Youth Classic Series Life Vest


  • Durable nylon production with PE flotation foam
  • US Coast Guard authorised
  • Open-sided layout
  • Three adjustable buckles for a steady match
  • Two 1-inch waist straps and one chest strap
  • Designed for children weighing 50 to 90 kilos

Verdict: With its tremendous floatation ability, the Stearns Youth Boating Vest has turn out to be the pinnacle pick in the life jacket market. This boating vest is designed for kids that weigh between 50 – 90 kilos and is US Coast Guard approved, so there aren’t any worries approximately it maintaining your toddler afloat.


  • Provides a comfortable and secure match
  • Able to transport round easily
  • Has a remarkable flotation ability


  • The neck establishing runs small, so it is able to be uncomfortable to some
  • Sizes run barely smaller than the standard length

Best Value – Stohlquist Youth Fit Life Jacket

Stohlquist Fit Youth Life Jacket/Personal Flotation Device, 50-ninety lb, Red/Gray

Easy to adjust, three buckle the front entry

Sculpted foam paneling for higher mobility

Thinner lower back panels assist take away interference with seatbacks

This Stohlquist youth version has relatively mobile, non-restrictive cut that allows plenty of room for your baby to move around. This lifestyles vest has a three buckle front access closure with adjustable 1-inch straps across the torso and chest. For more safety, this vest gives four vertical 1-inch straps on the outer layer of this vest, which prevents the adjustable straps from riding up and causing chafing. The Youth Fit layout inner layer structure liner is made from two hundred denier oxford material with a two hundred denier outer layer shell.

This light-weight PE foam layout affords the right amount of buoyancy to hold your child afloat at some stage in any water emergency. This design is great for swimming at the beach, pool, or any water game activities. The Stohlquist Youth vest is designed with massive armholes, which permit your infant better upper frame movement in the course of water activities. The 1-inch loop strap at the base of the neck permits the vest to be hung in between uses which give the vest plenty of airflow to dry out thoroughly.

Stohlquist Fit Youth Life Jacket/Personal Flotation Device, 50-90 lb, Red/Gray


  1. US Coast Guard accredited
  2. Two adjustable 1-inch straps across the torso
  3. Adjustable 1-inch chest strap
  4. Three buckle the front access
  5. Lightweight PE buoyancy foam
  6. High mobility, non-restrictive cut
  7. Type-III PFD
  8. 200 denier nylon outer shell
  9. two hundred denier oxford liner

Verdict: The Stohlquist young people customized life vest has many capabilities that work well for a teen and has turn out to be the fine-valued lifestyles vest on today’s market. This lightweight layout is prepare with protection and safety in mind for your baby; it has been examined and authorized by means of the USA Coast Guard. The Stohlquist Youth life vest is an ideal type III non-public flotation device for children weighing 50 to ninety kilos.


  • Ideal for water sports and swimming
  • Provides adjustability for a stable healthy
  • Lightweight design


  • If the chest strap isn’t tightened correctly, the vest may additionally experience up
  • Runner Up – Stearns Antimicrobial Nylon Youth Vest
  • STEARNS Antimicrobial Nylon Youth Vest
  • US Coast Guard-permitted life jacket

Antimicrobial safety inhibits the increase of scent-inflicting bacteria, mildew and mildew

Great for an afternoon on the boat or beach and within the pool or lake

The Stearns teens lifestyles vest is made from antimicrobial nylon which inhibits the increase of odor triggering bacteria, mildew, and mildew. This teens vest offers a stable closure with 3 squeeze-style brief-launch buckles, 1-inch adjustable torso straps, and a 1-inch chest strap; these 3 straps are webbed to ensure yr-after-12 months use. The design is made from durable nylon production that strategically has 3 webbed, vertical straps which are sewn in the structured design to steady the adjustable straps in location.

This light-weight life vest has an inner layer of PE flotation foam to hold your child afloat all through water activates. The vest is made with a collar dry ring that gives a brief and straightforward manner to hang it as much as dry after use. This snug layout gives hassle-loose and steady match that can be worn for the entire day with out inflicting any chafing or soreness to your toddler, and due to this and other features, it’s miles the runner up inside the PFD market.

STEARNS Antimicrobial Nylon Youth Vest


  • Antimicrobial protection
  • US Coast Guard permitted
  • Specially geared up for kids 50 to 90 kilos
  • Two adjustable waist belts and buckle
  • Adjustable chest strap and buckle
  • Durable nylon creation with a collar dry ring
  • PE flotation foam

Verdict: The Stearns youngsters custom-made life vest is designed for children who weigh between 50 – 90 pounds. This youngsters vest has the law hints important for all styles of vessels and is US Coast Guard approved. This vest is first-rate for an all-day adventure at the water; no be counted, if it’s boating, striking at the seashore, or swimming, your infant will have a blast inside the sun.


  • Easy to store after use
  • Provides a good and secure match
  • Lightweight and sturdy PE flotation foam
  • Great for boating and towable tubes


  • There is not any crotch strap for added protection

Also Consider – O’Neill Youth/Teen Reactor USCG Life Vest

  • O’Neill Teen Reactor USCG Life Vest, Pacific/Coal/Black, 75-a hundred twenty five lbs
  • USCG Approved Personal Flotation Device; Perfect for Wake Sports, Waterskiing, Tubing, and Swimming
  • Segmented Foam Core And Anatomical Flex Points Allow Unrestricted Movement

Quick Release Safety Buckles And Heavy Duty Front Zipper Create an Unparalleled Sense of Security

The O’Neill Youth/Teen Reactor turned into additionally considered, in this review, due to the incredible capabilities it has to offer the youth’s protection. If you take a look at the the front of the life jacket closely, you may see a heavy-responsibility zipper and dual buckles for closure. It also has a zip protection tab that makes it easier to move the zipper up and down and prevents chafing to the neck. The brief-release protection buckles have a sleeve that securely hides the buckle.

The anatomical flex factors and segmented foam center offer unrestrictive movement, which isn’t always observed in all existence vests. This minimal bulk layout lets in full mobility for your baby, whilst enlargement panels give a cushty match out at the water. The Youth/Teen Reactor lifestyles vest is designed with a segmented foam center for retaining your child afloat on the water. This light-weight layout has strategic seam placement with overlock stitching, which gives a super-robust seam for long-lasting consequences.

O’Neill Teen Reactor USCG Life Vest, Pacific/Coal/Black, 75-one hundred twenty five lbs


  • The minimum bulk layout permits full mobility
  • Quick-launch protection buckles
  • Heavy-duty the front zipper closure
  • Segmented foam core
  • Anatomical flex points for unrestrictive movement
  • US Coast Guard accepted as a personal flotation device

Verdict: The O’Neill Youth/Teen Reactor lifestyles vest is designed for adolescents sizes and provides the equal consequences as the youngster life vest. The children vest design is geared for those who weigh 50 – ninety pounds, whilst the teenager vest has a ability of 75-125 kilos. The life vest is to be had in Neoprene or nylon fabric; each cloth designs are US Coast Guard accepted as a PFD.


  • Provides an unparalleled sense of security
  • Allows unrestricted movement
  • Relaxed cushty suit
  • Offers a zip and buckles for closure


  • No draining mechanism, meaning you can need to squeeze the water out occasionally

Best Life Jacket for Youth Buying Guide 2020

Safety and Security

Sometimes, kids at play don’t apprehend the risks that can happen on the ocean, pool, or river, leaving them vulnerable, that’s where you return in. As a parent, you want to think about them and encouraging existence jackets to be worn at some point of risky situations. It is critical for them to wear a youngsters existence vest that is designed specially for the proper weight of your infant. Otherwise, the vest could be too unfastened and bulky, which can also reason it to journey up and be uncomfortable.


Comfortability is essential, mainly if you’re making plans on having your child in water for the better part of the day. A child this is uncomfortable may additionally come to be agitated and upset, inflicting the entire time out to be unpleasant. It is excellent to buy a teens lifestyles vest that has a snug lining, padding, and adjustability. Some children lifestyles vest gives larger armholes, that allows you to permit for better maneuverability and comfort.


It does have a tendency to get heat when wearing a youngsters life jacket. You will need to preserve your infant cool in case you plan to be out within the sun maximum of the day. Some young people lifestyles vests have breathability in the design’s structure, that’s called innovative vented channels. These channels permit an adequate quantity of air to bypass through the fabric to preserve your toddler cool.

Color and Visibility

It isn’t always constantly a very good idea to select your child’s favorite colour while shopping for them a youngsters lifestyles jacket. If your infant’s favorite color is black or dark army blue, you could not want to choose those colorations because it could be tougher for the US Coast Guards to find them during an emergency. Think of your infant’s protection first above any favorite colour. Instead, select bright colors including yellow or orange.


Padding has a good bit to do with the comfortability of a adolescents life jacket. When you’re making plans on taking your infant at the water for the better a part of the day, you will need the padding in the kids lifestyles jacket to be snug. Padding this is hard or bulky might be very uncomfortable for your child. As a parent, you most in all likelihood already understand how your child could react to being uncomfortable. With that said, search for comfortable padding within the lifestyles vest you pick out for them.

Buckles and Zippers

Many youngsters existence jackets come with the usual three buckles which can be connected to 1-inch straps for closure. Other young people life vest comes with a vertical zipper for closure, however also you will locate some life jackets that have each closure features for a more comfortable and stable healthy. These closure features aren’t to be taken gently and need to be fixed whilst out at the water.

US Coast Guard Approved

As a parent, you glaringly are seeking out the first-class viable kids life vest for your toddler, and the United States Coast Guard has already examined and regarded over many teenagers lifestyles jackets for you. Choosing a lifestyles vest that has the USCG seal of approval, you may recognize that your toddler might be safe out on the water. Usually, inside the internal liner of the life vest, there may be a stamp that labels it is USCG authorised. Safety is usually a element whilst your toddler is swimming or enjoying another water activity. Ensure your infant’s safety with a USCG accredited life vest.

The Level of Buoyancy

Many humans don’t think to test the level of buoyancy while shopping a kids lifestyles jacket. As a parent, buoyancy is critical to shield your toddler from drowning even as out in deep waters. A baby weighing 50-90 kilos will need a minimal buoyancy of 11 pounds to preserve them afloat. Always check your child’s existence jacket in shallow water first before taking them out into the deep blue sea.

Weight Capacity

Determining the weight capacity of a youth lifestyles jacket before purchase is vital for the safety of your toddler. You can discover the weight restrictions at the interior liner of the existence jacket. For a toddler’s existence jacket, the weight ability is 50-ninety pounds. If the weight ability is off even by a touch bit, then your infant may not live afloat, leaving them unsafe.


A young people existence jacket should always be appropriately sized to ensure the safety of your toddler out on the water. You ought to do not forget a few things, which includes your infant’s weight, your baby’s chest length and the length of your infant’s torso. Having the appropriate sizing for your child will make certain comfortability, safety, and protection for them. Measure your infant’s chest region and shoulder width to make sure you’re getting the pleasant viable teenagers life jacket for them.

Getting the Right Fit for Your Child

Getting the proper length is simply the beginning. You should also have the right healthy for your baby. Fortunately, it’s far a simple technique to manage. Firstly, you will need to loosen the shoulder straps of your child’s life vest. If there are not any shoulder strap adjustments, pass that step. Next, loosen the straps that go round your baby’s torso. At this point, have your infant placed the children lifestyles jacket on; then, assist them fasten the buckles, and if there may be a zip, make certain that it’s far fastened as nicely. Tighten the torso straps until your toddler’s existence vest is cushty; then, tighten the shoulder straps if the vest has any.

The Importance of Wearing a Life Jacket on Your Child

As a parent, you realize how important it’s far to have your toddler wear a teenagers lifestyles jacket. Anytime you are taking your baby on a boat, kayak, or canoe you will want to have the US Coast Guard existence vest on them. Even although you positioned a life jacket on your child, you need to still keep an eye fixed on them, especially for folks who are weak swimmers or beginners. While teenagers lifestyles jackets are designed to save lives, not anything is a replacement for near supervision in relation to toddlers, small kids, and people who aren’t superb swimmers. To keep away from any confusion about your toddler sporting a existence jacket, usually confer with the United States Coast Guard regulation and guidelines.

Frequent Asked Questions

Does sizing rely when shopping for a youth existence jacket?

Yes! As a parent, you may buy apparel for your baby that is slightly bigger so it may be worn longer. With teens existence jackets, the sizing need to be unique and a comfortable in shape to shield your toddler out at the water. Children are usually transferring around, and if the existence jacket is not the appropriate sizing, it may go away them uncomfortable and unsafe.

There is a couple of child within the family; can young people life jackets be shared?

Yes, teens life jackets can be shared as lengthy as all of the youngsters the usage of the lifestyles vest are inside the weight limitation. However, if you are making plans an outing with a couple of infant that calls for a existence jacket, you must have one for every child to defend all of the kids immediately in case one has a tendency to wander off.

How do you recognize if a young people lifestyles jacket is US Coast Guard approved?

Any lifestyles jacket this is made or sold inside the United States is generally USCG authorised. However, to be certain, appearance at the inside lining for a seal of approval. If it no longer there, then it’s not US Coast Guard permitted.

How a few years does a young people lifestyles jacket final?

The quantity of time a adolescents vest will last your infant will depend on a number of things. Children grow, and that may suggest the existence jacket may also come to be too small before it’s miles worn out. Otherwise, a teens lifestyles jacket may be reused for multiple 12 months unless the foam is broken, cowl is tore, or straps are unusable. If any of these items that were cited appear to the young people existence vest, then it might be visible to purchase any other US Coast Guard-approved life jacket.

Will a adolescents life jacket turn your child on their lower back?

Yes, teens lifestyles jackets are designed to show a baby on their again inside seconds of falling into the water. This function maintains your baby’s face out of the water and facilitates to prevent drowning even at some stage in an unconscious situation.

Can an undertow pull your baby under with a youth lifestyles jacket on?

Undertow is a misleading time period in relation to rip currents. No, rip currents will not pull your infant underneath the water. If your infant can tread water or float, they may be safe till help must arrive.

Can my toddler drown carrying a youngsters existence jacket?

There is continually a slight threat in any given water situation that someone ought to drown. However, your baby could have a higher chance of survival if they have a kids life jacket on inside the water. If your baby is struggling inside the water for a protracted time, then your child may additionally have a lower hazard of drowning whilst sporting a adolescents lifestyle jacket. Though the risk is still there, it may not be as high whilst they may be sporting a children’s existence jacket.

How does an adolescent’s lifestyle jacket protect my baby?

A youth lifestyle jacket will defend your baby towards hypothermia, which is a not unusual chance in cold water. It will assist preserve your infant’s head above water, to keep in body heat, and permit them to breathe generally. A children’s lifestyle jacket will additionally keep your baby’s energy stage.

If my infant can swim well, is it important to make them put on a teen’s existence jacket on the seaside?

If your toddler can swim nicely however continues getting knocked over by using the hard waves and struggles with regaining their footing, a young people’s existence jacket will permit higher management. In fact, the waves will not have as much control over your baby’s strength and safety anymore.

Does a youth lifestyle jacket want to be worn all through a riverboat tour?

Riverboat excursions are normally gradual transferring at the water. The US Coast Guard does require the riverboat organization to have life vests aboard. If your child can’t swim or can’t sit down still, ask the tour manual to present you a kid’s existence jacket that will healthy your toddler or deliver one along which you have already got purchased. Accidents take place quickly, so use your great judgment with regards to your toddler.


That concludes our top five life jackets for kids 2019. When it comes to an adolescent’s lifestyle vest, you should do not forget the dimensions and swimming stage of your baby. Even though your baby may not need to wear a lifestyles jacket, it’s miles always a safe concept anyway. While researching lifestyle jackets for this review, we checked out precise criteria that might be vital to hold your child secure and comfortable consisting of adjustability, padding, material, and other protection capabilities.

In this review, we defined in extremely good element approximately what every product has to provide in regards to your child’s safety. In the buying guide section, the product features are damaged down and defined in splendid detail. We also point out what to look for in a youngsters life vest, and why it is crucial to usually have your toddler put on one. Always consider selecting a existence jacket for your baby that is US Coast Guard accepted for teenagers.