Best life Vest For Paddle Boarding Reviews In-2020

Best Life Vest For Paddle Boarding
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Best life Vest For Paddle Boarding: Reviews

Paddleboards can travel an extended distance and sometimes you’ll not even realize how far you’ve got gone faraway from shore until dangerous waters come crashing against your board.

There are several stand-up paddle boarding PFDs available on the market so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t find one that matches you comfortably while keeping you safe.

The US Coast Guard has labeled SUP boards as vessels which require paddle boarders to possess a life vest on while out on the water. We narrowed our research right down to five excellent paddle boarding life jackets. during this review, we’ll re-evaluate a couple of of the merchandise features and skills .

The review also will have some the highest criteria many paddle boarders should check out when purchasing a life vest and a couple of commonly asked question and answers.

Best Seller – Absolute Outdoor Onyx A/M-24 Automatic/Manual Inflatable life vest

  • SALEABSOLUTE OUTDOOR Onyx A/M-24 Automatic/Manual Inflatable life vest
  • ABSOLUTE OUTDOOR Onyx A/M-24 Automatic/Manual Inflatable life vest
  • Durable fabric resists tears and punctures
  • Inflates with manual movement of T-cord or automatically upon immersion in water

Lightweight, comfortable, slender design keeps you cool in warm weather

The Onyx A/M-24 design features a soft neoprene neckline for all-day comfort. it’s equipped with an attachable D-ring where you’ll connect a whistle or paddle leash for extra security. The lightweight, comfortable, slender Onyx A/M-24 model features a protective covering that uses 200 denier nylon ripstop and 200 denier nylon oxford. These materials resist tears and punctures to offer the user the simplest possible protection.

The US Coast Guard-approved Type V life vest is out there in blue or pink print. The Onyx low profile design provides airflow that helps to stay you cool within the summer heat. the rear of the Onyx A/M 24 features a unique V style strap that wraps round the waist strap; together these two straps create the right fit and comfortability. On the front lower right side of this life vest there’s a D-ring where you’ll connect a whistle or safety line.

ABSOLUTE OUTDOOR Onyx A/M-24 Automatic/Manual Inflatable life vest


  • Protective durable cover that resists punctures and tears
  • Soft neoprene neckline for all-day wear
  • Lightweight, comfortable, slender design
  • Inflates automatically when immersed in water or with manual movement of T-cord
  • US Coast Guard approved
  • Attachable D-ring
  • Low profile design

Verdict: The Onyx A/M-24 is meant for people who are 16 years aged or older and are 80 pounds or more. This paddle boarding life jacket are often inflated automatically when immersed in water or inflate it manually by pulling the T-cord and is that the best

seller within the paddle board PFD market.


  • Has two ways it are often inflated
  • Has a lightweight, slender design
  • Reflective piping allows it to be seen easily


  • Not intended for a weak or non-swimmer

Top Pick – Onyx MoveVent Dynamic Paddle Sports life vest

  • ONYX MoveVent Dynamic Paddle Sports life jacket , Medium/Large, Aqua
  • 2,257 Ratings
  • ONYX MoveVent Dynamic Paddle Sports life jacket , Medium/Large, Aqua
  • Mesh in lower back fits high back seats
Shoulder adjustments with neoprene comfort pads

SOLAS grade reflective material for visibility

The Onyx MoveVent is meant to evolve to the body of both men and women; it are often easily adjusted in no time round the waist using the side belt and on the shoulder straps. The shoulders accompany neoprene pads that stay comfortable throughout the day. It also comes with SOLAS-grade reflective material for straightforward visibility during aquatics activities and is US Coast Guard approved.

The Onyx product is specifically made into a private life preserver (PFD) for kayak and paddle sports enthusiast. The Dynamic life jacket design features a front style durable zipper closure with a zipper assist loop at the bottom . it’s many pockets for accessories, a whistle for safety, and a lash tab located on the front of the PFD for securing a knife. The soft interior gives you a smooth feel along side bubble foam backing for added comfort.

ONYX MoveVent Dynamic Paddle Sports life jacket , Medium/Large, Aqua


  1. Innovative vented channels to stay you cool
  2. SOLAS-grade reflective material
  3. Conforms to the body and simply adjustable
  4. Shoulder neoprene comfort pads
  5. Adjustable side belt
  6. Durable zipper closure
  7. Zip assist loop at the zipper base
  8. US Coast Guard approved
  9. Bubble foam is on the rear panel for extra comfort

Attached whistle for safety

Verdict: This all-around life vest is so uniquely put together that you simply will never sweat with its mesh technology. Also, regardless of if you’re sitting or standing you’ll feel the cool breeze flowing through and hitting your lower back. Onyx MoveVent is meant for those that are over 90 pounds of weight and is that the top pick of this review.


  • The innovative vented channels keep you cool all-day
  • Adjustable shoulders create a cosy fit
  • Has SOLAS-grade reflective material for visibility


  • Can be bulky on a thin individual

Best Value – OMOUBOI Life Jackets Snorkel Vest Inflatable Kayak life jacket

  • SALEOMOUBOI Life Jackets Snorkel Vest Inflatable Kayak life jacket for Adult Snorkeling Swimming Paddling Boating (Suitable.

OMOUBOI Life Jackets Snorkel Vest Inflatable Kayak life jacket for Adult Snorkeling Swimming Paddling Boating (Suitable

  • Easy Fast Inflation and Deflation With the first inflation valve, only need about 10 seconds to complete the snorkel vest with less.
  • Better Experience This life jacket for adults provides a far better experience in floatation and fitting than all the pullover snorkeling.
  • Portable & Easy to Storage The Inflatable Kayak life jackets weight only 11 oz. it’s sort of a book size after deflated and folded. Not.

The Omouboi life vest comes with a smooth, fast inflation valve that inflates in 10 seconds flat with less exertion to the mouth and also deflates quickly also . To inflate, depress the lid of the valve. Then, begin blowing air into the worth until the vest is fully extended. once you release the valve it goes automatically into a locked position to carry within the air. To release depress the valve and hold it there until all of the air is out.

It’s high density and light-weight design features a great deal of buoyancy, high-quality fabric, and sturdy PVC to offer the user the simplest quality possible. This US Coast Guard approved life vest is formed with exact machine stitching workmanship with a good rolled edge color and reliable, smooth zipper closure. there’s no shoulder adjustability when it involves this design, but a waist and crotch strap will provides it the snug fit you’re looking to urge out of a life vest .

OMOUBOI Life Jackets Snorkel Vest Inflatable Kayak life jacket for Adult Snorkeling Swimming Paddling Boating (Suitable…


  • US Coast Guard approved
  • Easy, fast inflation blow valve, 10 seconds to inflate
  • Designed for floating and diving
  • Made of good quality fabric and PVC of density
  • High density, lightweight, large buoyancy
  • Even rolled edge color
  • Solid smooth zipper closure
  • Exact machine stitching

Back designed with mesh breathability

Verdict: Omouboi life jackets provide you with the simplest value for your money by creating a cosy comfortable fit SUP personal life preserver with many breathability. It offers the perfect fit adults of 88 – 220 pounds with maximum chest size of 43 inches.


  • Portable and straightforward to arrange
  • Quick and straightforward to inflate and deflate
  • Closes with a solid up and down zipper


  • Some users reported that it moves upward
  • Runner Up – Onyx M Series Belt Pack Manual Inflatable life vest
  • SALEOnyx m 16 Belt Pack Manual Inflatable life vest (PFD)
  • Onyx m 16 Belt Pack Manual Inflatable life vest (PFD)

Extremely low profile

1″ buckle and body belt

D-ring attachment for little accessories

The Onyx M series is meant with a 200 denier nylon oxford protective covering . It’s US Coast Guard approved Type V life jacket with a kind III performance and is universal for both men and ladies that connects round the waist sort of a fanny-pack. This low profile design provides 17 pounds of buoyancy by using the oral inflation tube that permits you to extend the buoyancy up to 26.5 pounds.

The Onyx 1-inch buckle and body belt adjustable strap provides a cushty fit around your waist and makes it simple to require on and off. The M series comes with a D-ring for added accessories sort of a whistle or other attachments. The Co2 canister is hidden away within the belt pack structure and it weighs but 4 ounces. This sort of life vest belt pack doesn’t provide a pressure gage or pockets but is a reasonable model which will offer you the safety and safety needed out on the water.

Onyx m 16 Belt Pack Manual Inflatable life vest (PFD)


  1. Has a 200 denier nylon oxford protective covering
  2. 1-inch buckle and body belt
  3. 16-gram CO2 charge provides 17 pounds of buoyancy
  4. D-ring attachment for little accessories
  5. The oral inflation tube can provide up to 26.5 pounds of additional buoyancy
  6. Intended for people from 16 years aged an older that weigh over 80 pounds

Extremely low profile

US Coast Guard approved

Verdict: The M Series belt is that the ideal floatation device for knowledgeable paddle boarders that are 16 or older that have a bodyweight over 80 pounds. The Onyx M runner up features a lanyard pull cord, which is bright yellow, to tug during an emergency which will inflate the PFD.


  • Provides a particularly low profile
  • USCG approved
  • Offers a D-ring for little accessories


  • No visible pressure gage available
  • No pockets included

Also Consider – Onyx Curve Movevent Paddle Sports PFD

  • SALEONYX MoveVent Curve Paddle Sports life jacket , Yellow, Medium/Large
  • ONYX MoveVent Curve Paddle Sports life jacket , Yellow, Medium/Large
  • Mesh in lower back fits high back seats;
  • Heavy-duty nylon fabric for durability
  • Adjustable side belts

Despite its snug fit, the Onyx Curve MoveVent features excellent mobility for those that enjoy paddle boarding. The lower back mesh design allows you to take a seat comfortably in high back seats which are great if you’re using it for kayaking and canoeing. This paddle board Onyx Curve life jacket conforms to your body sort of a glove; its innovative vented channels still provide airflow to stay you cool.

The Onyx PFD features a mesh backing that gives airflow to your torso, keeping you cool despite the conformed fit. The sculpted foam design features a 200 denier nylon outer shell that protects against tears and punctures. The Curve is provided with ventilation within the front and thru the mesh backing for keeping you cool during paddle boarding or other recreational paddle sports. The Onyx lightweight design is formed from flotation foam and bubble foam on the inner backside of the life vest .

ONYX MoveVent Curve Paddle Sports life jacket , Yellow, Medium/Large


  • Mesh lower backing fits high back seats
  • Intended for those that are 90 pounds or over
  • Adjustable chest size from 44 – 56 inches
  • 200 denier nylon outer shell
  • Lightweight flotation foam and bubble foam
  • Provides excellent mobility for recreational paddle sports
  • US Coast Guard approved

Ventilation within the front

Verdict: In theory, a splendid option for all watersports, this Onyx Curve life vest is one among the top-rated PFDs for paddle boarding within the top picks for skilled and experienced paddle boarders. This lightweight floatation foam design is meant for people that are 90 pounds or over and accommodates chest sizes between 44 – 56 inches.


  • Mesh backing provides breathability
  • Has a lightweight design
  • Allows you to maneuver around freely
  • Has a very accurate sizing system


  • It doesn’t provide any pockets
  • There is no D-ring for accessories

Ease of Use

Your paddle boarding life vest should not be hard to use. For most, this pertains to how easy it is to put on and off and how difficult it is to adjust them to size. If your paddle boarding life vest should come with extra perks, such as a whistle, light, or D-ring, then those items should be within reach and be easy to access. For other styles of paddle boarding life jackets, the inflation should happen automatically in an emergency situation or have the T-cord handy to pull quickly.

SUP and PFD Laws

It is always ideal for checking the laws that are in place for the lake or river where you plan to go paddle boarding. It doesn’t matter if you’re the paddling in very shallow water or the deep section of a lake, you should always follow the laws. Consider the rules and regulations of your desired place to paddle board and be sure that the life vest qualifies before making a purchase.


A life jacket should be accurately sized to ensure that a paddle board PFD works appropriately. You must consider your weight, the size of your waist, and your chest size. Sizing can vary depending on the model or brand, so stop in at an outdoor store to be measured to ensure you have the correct sizing; be sure to have your SUP clothing on to get the proper measurements. The appropriate sizing will be snug across your chest area and give plenty of movement in the shoulders.

Women should think about purchasing a paddle board life vest that contours to the female curves. The women’s life vest industry include contoured cups for larger busts, princess seams, and styles that are fully designed for those who have longer torsos. All of these creative design changes have led to providing women with more comfortable paddle board life jackets.

Getting the Right Fit

Getting the right size is just the beginning. You must also have the proper fit. Luckily, it is an easy process to do. You begin by loosening the shoulder and waist straps; if you have a crotch strap, loosen it as well. At that point, put the paddle board life vest on and zip it. It is best to begin adjusting the waist strap first; once you feel it snug on your body but not too tight that its uncomfortable move on to the crotch strap if you have one. Lastly, adjust the shoulder straps to bring the front and back together. After you feel that you have tightened the entire amount of straps move around some to see if it fits you correctly. You need plenty of movement for stand-up paddle boarding, so be confident you can move freely.

Frequent Asked Questions

Do you need a life jacket for paddle boarding?

Yes, adult stand-up paddlers must wear a US Coast Guard approved life jacket and have a navigation flashlight, a sound signaling device such as a whistle, and a visual distress signal with them at all times. A stand-up paddle board is classified as a vessel, which means the user must comply with all federal navigation rules.

Life Vest vs. Inflatable Belt- Which is better for SUP beginners?

For beginners, non-inflatable SUP life vests are the better option, which is guaranteed to keep the user afloat and to give you the added support necessary to stay above water. These types of life vests will keep your head above water, and you will be able to swim to safety without getting scared of drowning.

Which is the best paddle board life vest? Standard or inflatable?

Either choice will work for paddle boarding. However, standard and inflatable life jackets have different pros and cons. The standard life vest is geared towards beginners just starting out on a paddle board. Some benefits to this style are pockets, versatility, easy to clean, and the amount of buoyancy. There are a few on the market though that could be bulky and hot.

The inflatable life vests are more popular because of the automatic and manual inflation process and comfortability. The automatic part of these life vests is smart but is only geared for those who can swim as the life vest doesn’t inflate until you have already fallen into the water. For paddle boarding, you will want a better range of motion that the automatic option provides.

How do you test the fit of a paddle board life jacket?

For either a manual or automatic life vest, you will first need to put it on over clothing you typically will be wearing to go paddle boarding. Then, you will need to adjust it as you would normally. Lastly, have someone tug on it to see if it moves around or is a snug fit. If it stays intact, you have a proper fit.

Does sizing matter when purchasing a paddle board life jacket?

Yes, sizing does matter when purchasing a life vest. If you don’t have the proper size to go paddle boarding, you may not have the full range of motion you need or the proper protection. If you are unsure of the size, go get measured to be sure you are getting the correct one for you.

Can someone that is paddle boarding still drown in high water condition with a life jacket on?

Sadly there is always a possibility. High water condition may take someone quickly underwater and keep them under for awhile. In that case, it will depend on how long and often the head is underwater. It is best to stay away from high water condition while you are paddle boarding or taking part in any other recreational water sport.

Does a paddle board life jacket need to have a D-ring feature?

It is not required for you to have a D-ring. However, you should always have a whistle with you, and a D-ring is a perfect place for it. You could also use it to run a line between you and your paddle board, which will help to keep your board close if a water incident should occur.

Does a paddle board life jacket need to have pockets?

Pockets are nice to have for small accessories that you take in the water like a small pocket knife, keys, or a small snack. Pockets on a paddle board life vest are not mandatory, but it can be nice to have the extra place to place your things.

Is it necessary for all-star swimmer to wear life jackets while paddle boarding?

No matter if you’re a great swimmer or not, things can happen out on the water and you should always protect yourself. Also, it is a requirement to wear a paddle board life jacket regardless of your ability on the water or paddle board.

Is it possible to wear the same paddle board life jacket as my husband?

You can use a universal paddle board life jacket, but sometimes the chest area may not be quite as comfortable. On the other hand, a women’s paddle board life vest is ideal as it contours to the curves of a women’s body and may accommodate different sizing. If you’re a female and into other watersports, life jackets are specifically made for women.


That concludes our top five paddle boarding life jackets for 2019. We explained the importance of having a life jacket while paddle boarding and the best possible features to look for in a PFD. We also, in our FAQ section, went over the differences between life vest vs. life belts like the Onyx M Series Belt Pack in this review, which is geared towards expert paddle boarders and swimmers.

With any paddle board life jacket, you will want to be sure that you have the proper fit and sizing. You also should be easy to use and have enough maneuverability in the shoulders to paddle. Always when looking or purchasing the best PFD for SUP, you should check the buoyancy rating, how it’s designed, and if it US Coast Guard approved or not. Another key point to remember, test your paddle boarding life jacket yearly for any tears, damage, and flotation ability.