FLORIDA GIRL ATTACKED The family of a Crestview woman UN agency was viciously attacked by a pit bull 2 years past has settled a try of lawsuits in reference to the attack.

Paige Woody, the girls’ mother UN agency was additionally contused within the attack, confirmed that lawsuits filed against the Panhandle Animal Welfare Society and animal management officer Kevin Schoeneman in August 2018 visited mediation Gregorian calendar month eleven and therefore the settlements were approved on Sept. 5.

Woody’s female offspring, Zoey Green, then five years recent, was attacked by a 110-pound pit bull at the house of a Crestview family on quarter day, 2017. perdition bull grabbed the kid by her face and dragged her into the yard, wherever the attack continuing.


Zoey lost associate degree protective fold, suffered a broken jaw and had to basically have her face replace beside many stitches and staples. Woody was additionally contused whereas attempting to rescue her female offspring and received twenty eight staples and stitches for her injuries.

Woody was at the house to be told concerning the way to look after the family’s pit bulls for a pet-sitting job. perdition bull UN agency attacked Zoey was euthanized many weeks later.

Woody and Zoey were in Galveston, Texas, on weekday, wherever Zoey can bear additional surgery for her injuries. The journeys to Galveston, that are various, will last 2-3 days or time period, looking on what must be done.

I can’t mention the number we have a tendency to settled for however i’ll say that we went through four attorneys before Dave Swanick took over … and if it wasn’t for that we have a tendency to wouldn’t have something, as a result of not solely did the nondepository financial institution (for PAWS) ought to pay, however PAWS had to pay additionally.

It’s troublesome to answer if we’re happy with the result as a result of things can ne’er be constant for any folks, Woody said. “But a minimum of it’s enough to take care of taking (Zoey) to Galveston for surgeries till she’s done growing. I’m happy to understand that once she hits milestone ages she’ll be ready to head to faculty and have lump sums of cash if she desires cosmetic surgery within the future.

I will solely reply that each lawsuits are resolved,” PAWS Director Dee Thompson aforesaid.

The lawsuits wanted a minimum of $1 million in damages. They alleged that Schoeneman and PAWS were the legal reason behind the “horrific and catastrophic” injuries suffered by Zoey, and pointed to a Gregorian calendar month 2015 incident as proof.

According to the causa, constant pit bull UN agency attacked Zoey “aggressively attacked, endangered, and bit many persons” and a cockapoo at a neighborhood veterinary clinic in 2015. The attack finished only somebody grabbed a knife and injured perdition bull within the neck.

Had Schoeneman and PAWS totally investigated the attack at the clinic, the causa declared, perdition bull would are deemed “dangerous” and therefore the second attack would have not occurred.

Along with her physical injuries, Zoey additionally suffers from severe post-traumatic stress disorder and attends medical aid sessions once per week.

She’s got plenty of completely different emotions, and that i assume a part of that, clearly, is anger,” aforesaid Woody. “She is finally setting out to discuss a number of what happened, however i do know she doesn’t prefer to mention however she feels a great deal.


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