Wilko has emerged as associate unsung hero within the world of room appliances. Its slow cookware is great, its liquidiser ranks extremely and currently its air chicken has cemented this standing.

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Wilko’s air volaille proves you don’t ought to pay over the chances for engaging room appliances that systematically build nice food

  • FOR:
  • Easy to use
  • Bargain worthMakes great-tasting chips
  • Loud fan
  • Gets hot to the bit
  • Low cookery times

The Best Wilko 4L air fryer review What’s even additional spectacular is that the united kingdom high-street complete will all this at a worth} price. scan on for our full review of the Wilko 4L air chicken.

The Best Wilko 4L air fryer review
The Best Wilko 4L air fryer review at amazonBest Sawgrass Sublimation Printer

Price and handiness

At simply £40 (about $50), the Wilko 4L air chicken outperforms rival models nearly eight times the worth. it’s the half and creates hassle-free, tender and delicious food that rivals even way more pricey competition.


Air fryers, generally, don’t seem to be the foremost enticing of room appliances. They’re effectively mini ovens therefore to deal with the controls, the fans, and enough capability to cook meals for your family, they have to err on the chunky aspect. That said, several take this to the acute. Thankfully, Wilko is associate exception.

The Best Wilko 4L air fryer revie20119w
Wilko 4L air fryer review See it Amazon Best Sawgrass Sublimation Printer

Its compact form homes a 4L bowl with removable basket below 2 black management dials that associate with a chrome-style end. the highest dial controls the time, very cheap dial sets the temperature up to a most of two hundred degrees astronomer. There are then 2 LEDs – the left-hand lightweight to inform you it’s on and a “Heating” light on the right-hand aspect that allows you to recognize once the air chicken is at the proper temperature. You’d be stunned however few air dryers have this latter, extremely helpful feature.

The Best Wilko 4L air fryer review
The Best Wilko 4L air fryer review

Because Wilko’s air chicken uses manual, instead of digital controls, it doesn’t would like internal area or the mechanics for a show, and this cuts down its size. It conjointly means that it’s associate absolute cinch to use, with its controls resembling the dials on an everyday kitchen appliance and tagged intrinsically.

The draw back to those manual controls is that the WIlko air chicken doesn’t associate with pre-programmed settings just like the majority of its rivals. It doesn’t create it any less versatile, it simply needs setting the temperature and time manually, however it’s price noting. As is that the reality its timer maxes out at half-hour, whereas the quality is associate hour. This isn’t a problem once preparation chips, individual parts of meat, and cakes, however if you’re victimisation it to roast atiny low chicken, you’ll ought to keep in mind to reset the time halfway through.

The Best Wilko 4L air fryer review Home service


Chips are the go-to food item for preparation in associate air chicken however the appliance may be accustomed bake, roast and cook almost about something you’ll create in an exceedingly regular kitchen appliance, area allowing. we have a tendency to tested the Wilko air chicken with chips furthermore as chicken wings and will barely fault its performance.

The chips were tender on the surface, flossy within the center and engaging. Some air fryers sacrifice this flossy center to create positive the skin has bite, however Wilko managed to tick each boxes. This was despite the basket being full and while not USA shaking the basket mid-fry. The large quantity of chips were systematically cooked proving the warmth is equally distributed. Its chicken wings equally had a tender skin with a good bite while not too drying out the meat.

The timer ticks, equivalent to the sound of associate sandglass, because the air fryer’s preparation time counts down and a bell sounds once the cooking has finished. There’s one thing assuring and acquainted regarding the 2 sounds, and they’re less jarring than the repetitive beeping of its rivals.

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  1. The design of the air chicken means that you can’t see within it whereas it’s cooking; you’d need to expose the bowl/basket to cold air to visualize on your food, however this can be a minor inconvenience if you’re solely gap it shortly. It’s conjointly not the quietest of air fryers and features a tendency to urge hot to the bit throughout preparation so is price keeping out of reach of youngsters.
  2. Verdict
    Wilko’s air chicken isn’t good, however it comes shut. Plus, at this value the sacrifices you create for the short timer and the way hot it gets throughout preparation nearly pale into unimportance. Some folks can like digital controls, however if you’ll get past that, you’ll get a space-saving, attractive, and easy-to-use air chicken that systematically makes great-tasting food.

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