Turtle Beach Elite Atlas Aero

Turtle Beach Elite Atlas Aero Beach’s Elite line of play headsets has perpetually been wired. The Elite professional two TR stands mutually of the strongest picks offered beneath $200, whereas the Elite Atlas offers constant build quality and luxury with a lesser performance for [*fr1] the maximum amount. At $149.95, the new Elite Atlas Aero may be a wireless play telephone receiver with Waves Nx simulated surround sound and intensive audio and voice customization choices. It doesn’t sound as powerful because the wired Elite professional two or the way more costly SteelSeries Arctis professional Wireless, except for the worth it’s a really compelling telephone receiver for laptop gamers.

telephone receiver with Waves Nx simulated surround sound and intensive audio and voice customization choices. It doesn’t sound as powerful because the wired Elite professional two or the way more costly SteelSeries Arctis professional Wireless, except for the worth it’s a really compelling telephone receiver for laptop gamers.

Turtle Beach Elite Atlas Aero
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The Elite Atlas Aero appearance and feels terribly the same as the Elite Atlas and Elite professional two headsets, with a durable steel band and enormous, soft memory foam earpads wrapped in pretend animal skin on the edges and a additional breathable material on the face. The metal band supports a suspension that holds a fabric-covered foam pad that rests well against your scalp whereas keeping the metal upraised on top of it. Solid-feeling matte black plastic covers the remainder of the telephone receiver, from the ends of the scarf to the rear of the earcups. Large, durable hinges on either facet of the scarf allow you to fold the telephone receiver up, tho’ the thick earpads limit simply however compact you’ll build it.

The left earcup holds all of the Atlas Aero’s varied controls and connectors. A volume wheel and mic observance adjustment wheel (that are often programmed to perform alternative functions), a programmable perform button, and therefore the power button line the rear fringe of the earcup. A small USB port for charging, a 3.5mm port for exploitation the telephone receiver passively (a cable is included), and a affiliation for the clastic boom mic sit on rock bottom edge. More Best reviews List


As a part of Turtle Beach’s Atlas line, the Elite Atlas Aero is primarily designed to be used with PCs. The USB adapter works specifically once connected to a laptop (which allows the utilization of the powerful Turtle Beach management Studio software). The wireless laptop affiliation is additionally the sole method you’ll use the headset’s simulated surround sound process from WavesNx. It mixes any sound returning through the stereo earcups to provide a virtual surround impact, tho’ it isn’t quite as advanced or intensive because the motion-sensing, audio-panning Waves Nx surround sound that comes with the way more costly Audeze August F. Mobius and HyperX Cloud Orbit S.

You can use the telephone receiver wired with the enclosed cable and play with any current game console because of the headset jack within the Xbox One and PlayStation four gamepads, and within the Nintendo Switch, however wireless use, with surround sound process, is availble for the laptop solely.

Turtle Beach Elite Atlas Aero
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Turtle Beach management Studio allows you to tweak many audio settings on the Elite Atlas Aero, and toggle a range of helpful choices. you’ll activate the said Waves Nx virtual surround sound process, alter the divine Hearing feature that brings out bound frequency bands that highlight sound effects like footsteps and shooting, and regulate different volume and chat audio settings, like mike volume, mic observance volume, noise gate threshold, game dialogue levels, and bass and treble boost.

The code additionally provides access to a 10-band equalizer with individual changes for game audio, voice chat audio, and mike audio. It’s a robust suite of options comparable the Blue Microphones-powered Logitech G professional X headset’s electrical device.


The mike is sort of sensitive and might develop some outside voices, however because of a range of settings and tweaks you’ll regulate it to capture your voice clearly. take a look at recordings plumbed crisp, with none opacity or sibilance, guaranteeing sturdy performance for voice chat and streaming. If you wish additional serious voice recording, contemplate obtaining a zealous USB mike, which might build your voice quality jump up considerably over nearly any telephone receiver mic.

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Gaming Performance

Final Fantasy XIV sounds excellent on the Elite Atlas Aero. It doesn’t get notably bass-heavy, however in chaotic dungeons wherever many players are exploitation completely different attacks right away, the busy soundscape of the sport comes through clearly on the telephone receiver. The simulated surround sound produces a large-feeling sound field with sturdy stereo panning for various objects, giving an honest sense of left-right positioning once you’re encircled by allies and monsters. It doesn’t want anything’s before of or behind you, that may be a tough impression for any telephone receiver to supply, particularly while not motion-based panning found on way more costly Waves Nx-equipped models.

Destiny two additionally comes through fine on the Elite Atlas Aero. The report of my scout rifle shots punch through the audio recording with satisfying power, and therefore the higher frequencies of energy rifle shots sound clear. The stereo panning and simulated surround sound of the telephone receiver supply an honest sense of radial asymmetry, serving to American state detect once a stray bomb was tossed over my shoulder over once. Bass response isn’t notably spectacular, however it’s still a fairly full sound with enough presence across the low-mids to highs.

Music Performance

For music, the Elite Atlas Aero is additionally quite capable. It will handle our bass take a look at track, The Knife’s “Silent Shout,” at most volume levels while not distortion. It doesn’t manufacture the foremost powerful low-frequency response, however the kick drum hits get a minimum of some live of thump.

Yes’ “Roundabout” sounds clean and full, with the gap guitar plucks obtaining lots of resonance and string texture. the electrical bass doesn’t sound notably punchy, and therefore the vocals and hi-hat sit slightly back within the combine, however it’s otherwise a balanced sound that doesn’t neglect any a part of the track.

Primarily for PCs
The Turtle Beach Elite Atlas Aero may be a capable, handily designed wireless play telephone receiver that gives sensible audio performance. It doesn’t have quite the facility or delicacy of the costlier, wired Turtle Beach Elite professional two TR, however it’s additional balanced and sounds higher than the wired Elite Atlas whereas adding wireless property and robust surround sound process for simply $50 more. At $150, it’s a wonderful choose for a wireless play telephone receiver for your laptop.

If you wish a wireless telephone receiver you’ll use together with your console likewise as your laptop, the costlier SteelSeries Arctis professional Wireless and Arctis 9X are each fantastic headsets that job severally with the PlayStation four and Xbox One. If you don’t need to pay nearly the maximum amount on wireless play audio, the PDP LVL50 Wireless telephone receiver is out there for PC/PS4 or PC/Xbox One for $80. It doesn’t supply the performance or comfort of the Elite Atlas Aero or the opposite headsets, however at simply over [*fr1] the maximum amount because the Aero, it’s a really appealing budget selection.

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